Jigsaw24 brings you the lowdown on Active Storage mMedia

The high-performance storage specialists at Active Storage have kept the new mMedia platform under very tight wraps but, as a leading storage and infrastructure expert, we can bring you the lowdown on a shared storage solution designed to cover your entire workflow.

First the basics: mMedia is a complete end-to-end storage solution centred around an enhanced ActiveSAN high-performance metadata controller appliance. This is partnered with new additions, mRAID and mVault – all tied together by optimised management software. Intended to take care of storage and management throughout your workflow, the mMedia platform is scalable in both performance and capacity, allowing content producers to assemble a storage solution that fits their individual needs.

“mMedia is the platform of the future for broadcast production,” said Alex Grossman, founder and president of Active Storage, Inc. “mMedia provides an integrated workflow storage platform with the performance, scalability and configuration flexibility to meet nearly every broadcast and post-production facility’s ingest, online and nearline archive capability.”

“Since the demise of the Xserve, Apple System Administrators in post and broadcast have had to cobble together different components and software to form a viable shared storage solution,” our Storage Product Manager Andy Walton pointed out. “In that sense, the mMedia fills a big gap in the market by offering a highly-customisable solution that works at every point in the chain – from ingest right through to archive. The scalability of mMedia is extremely useful – if you need a lot of nearline storage but not so much offline archiving, you can buy five mRAIDs and a single mVault and it’ll all work smoothly together. Which of course means you won’t end up paying for anything you don’t need.”

mRAID: nearline storage

mRAID is a new media-enhanced RAID platform, and provides the heart of the mMedia platform. And, coming from Active Storage you can be confident that it’ll be easy-to-deploy.

“The eight 8Gb Fibre Channel ports provide bandwidth strength to support multiple expansion enclosures at full speed,” said Storage Consultant Sammy Aindow. “Current ActiveRAID users will also be pleased to know that they can upgrade their Active RAID systems and bring them under the management of mRAID to take advantage of its improved processing power.”

Active Storage is keen to point out that, as it utilises the same Linux foundation that powers their ActiveRAID, the mRAID is rock solid. While the external appearance might be similar, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s the same solution – mRAID has been specifically engineered to handle the next generation of Intel-based storage processors. It offers immense processing power that can move huge amounts of content from the SAN to disk and back, leaving additional headroom for other functions such as optimisations, adaptive caching routines and background data scrubs, as well as error checking. Despite all that, the addition of the new Environmental Processor ensures that your system won’t be loaded down with UPS control and environmental process handling.

mVault: the archive

While backup solutions are generally the less glamorous element of a storage solution, mVault is a particularly exciting addition. “mVault is big news,” says Sammy. “It offers massive density and 180TB of raw storage which, combined with the mRAID means you could scale to petabytes of nearline storage for content archiving.”

Combined, mRAID and mVault offer 228TB of storage in only 7U of rack space. Whether used to replace or complement an offsite long-term tape archive – because it’s targeted at content creators – you can rest easy knowing that there’ll be no compatibility issues.


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