4 top tips for mastering Microsoft Office

We all love Microsoft Office – from everyday word processing in Word to creating dazzling presentations in PowerPoint (give us a good wipe with a gunshot sound effect and we’re yours). There’s more to Office than meets the eye though, and here we’ve picked out some of our favourite little tricks and hacks that’ll turn you into a Microsoft Office ninja.

These tutorials come courtesy of Microsoft’s Help and How-Tos blog, and you can also pick up some great tips over at the Office Blogs. If you’re looking to buy Microsoft Office, you can now get 15% off Microsoft Office for Mac 2011. See here for some great Mac bundle offers.

Retouch your photos in PowerPoint

Did you know that you can actually retouch photos directly in PowerPoint? Check out this video to see how you can edit your photos right in a presentation.

Spot trends with sparklines in Excel

Possibly the greatest addition to Excel of all time, sparklines are handy little charts that sit in cells and help you spot trends in your data. Here’s how they work…

Maximise your space for reading and writing in Word

Word now has a full screen mode, which makes reading and editing documents a lot easier. This video shows you how to activate it.

Organise messages by conversation in Outlook

You can now organise emails in Outlook more easily by grouping them into threads or conversations. Here’s how…

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