Five things to consider when buying a new display

When you’re buying a display, there are a few things you need to consider. Here are some top tips from across our (incredibly picky) design department – keep this list to hand and you shouldn’t go far wrong! However, if you do find yourself getting stuck, just give the team a call on 03332 409 306 or email


– Size and resolution are both important considerations – if you have the space, go big and high res, as this makes it easier to multitask, and your photos and videos will appear sharper.

– Make sure you’re using the right panel type for your work. For a wider viewing angle and greater colour accuracy, choose IPS panels, but for a faster response time go with TN panels.



– Make sure you know which connections you need on your monitor (hint: you need to be able to connect it to your computer). Most displays have a DVI connection, but DisplayPort and/or HDMI connections are available on higher end models.

– If you need to connect to older equipment, it’s a good idea to opt for a display that has an analogue VGA port.

– Extra USB connections on the display are useful if you work with a lot of peripherals, such as desktop storage.

– Check whether or not your display comes with cables included. Some high end ones will, but it’s best not to assume.


– A high level of adjustability is best – ideally you want to be able to control the height and tilt of your screen, as well as swivelling or rotating it. This will make a major difference to your comfort level and help you avoid strain related injuries.

– If your monitor supports VESA mounting patterns it can be used with a range of mounts, giving you greater flexibility.


– If you’re doing imaging or design work and need to ensure that what you see on screen is the same as the final output, you’ll want to opt for a colour critical display.

– Look out for features such as a wide colour gamut and uniformity controls, as these ensure colours are being reproduced accurately.

– For a more in-depth look at how to choose the right display for design and imaging work, take a look at our guide.



– As monitors are pretty business critical it’s worth looking out for the best length, coverage and terms.

– Higher end monitors sometimes come with more thorough coverage, with services such as on-site repair included in the warranty.

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