Weekly design Inspiration: iPad finger painting, TARDIS christmas and Instagram

This week we are all about illusions. A lifelike painting of Morgan Freeman, photos made to look like 2D paintings, everyday objects transformed into other everyday objects, and a few good examples of trompe l’oeil. First up, though, a good bit of Lego…

TARDIS: Coming to a christmas tree near you

There are two things that literally could not be more popular right now; Lego and Christmas. Well, Christmas is kind of a given, but Lego is going from strength to strength, and these tree ornaments aren’t going to do anything to damage that. Designed by Chris McVeigh, these are create-your-own kits that can be bought from his website. Everything from Death Star baubles to a hanging Doctor Who TARDIS are included. All that you need now is a Lego christmas tree to hang them on.

Lego Doctor Who TARDIS christmas decoration

Take a look at Chris’s full range of Lego decorations here.

It’s Morgan Freeman (or is it?)

No, this isn’t a case of mistaken identities, but we couldn’t resist a post about everyone’s favourite voiceover actor, Morgan Freeman. Especially when it also concerns iPad. Believe it or not, the picture below was created by artist Kyle Lambert using Apple’s tablet device, the app Procreate and a bit of tactical finger painting. Once you’ve finished admiring the portrait, take a look at the video below to see the creation process. 200 hours of painting in three minutes. Absolutely incredible!

Morgan Freeman drawn on an iPad

Take a look at more examples of Kyle’s work here.

From one 2D portrait to another (or is it?)

OK, we’re going to stop doing this to you. No it isn’t. This time photographer Alexander Khokhlov has teamed up with make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan to create what appear to be 2D portraits from photos of models faces and a bit of post-production work. Below is just one example of where this has worked incredibly well, but there are plenty of examples at the link below. To see the artists at work, take a look at the video below.

Photography to 2D painting

Take a look at more examples of Alexander Khokhlov and Valeriya Kutsan’s work here.

Not another Instagram selfie…

These Instagram experiments by graphic designer Javier Perez turn everyday objects entirely on their head to create new scenes. Using a simple line drawing, syringes become mosquitos, paper clips turn to trumpets and notebook rings are transformed into dinosaurs. That’s my afternoon sorted – I’m going to think of as many ways to transform a pen lid as I can. Let us know which is your favourite!

Javier Perez's line drawing transformations

Take a look at more examples of Javier’s work here.

Bending the laws of space (but not time)

We’ve all seen the forced perspective paintings that appear to turn a pavement into a gushing waterfall or an erupting volcano, but these examples of tromp l’oeil illustrations are a massive step up. With whole buildings, lorries and library walls covered in paint, in a lot of cases it’s actually pretty hard to tell the difference between reality and fiction.

Take a look at more example of tromp l’oeil illusions here.

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Trompe l'oeil painting

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