Education app of the week: Ask3 for iPad

A whiteboard app like no other, Ask3 for iPad lets teachers record explanations and set problems, then easily share them with the class. Here’s why I’ve been recommending it to schools…

What is Ask3 for iPad?

Ask3 (TechSmith Corporation, free) is a free app that allows teachers to write on a virtual whiteboard to record an explanation or pose a problem for students to solve. What makes it different from other whiteboard apps is that teachers can then easily share the finished video with the class, by inviting the relevant students using codes. The students can then record their own video and insert it at any point into the original for the teacher to review and assess.

How can it be used in the classroom?

One great example I’ve seen of Ask3 being used is a maths teacher setting an algebra problem, recording their voice and actions, and clearly explaining what the students need to do. Students then had to take the video snapshot and record a video of them solving the problem. The teacher could then re-record a video of the students’ work which the student could access and reflect on.

Ask3 for iPad

It can be applied across all curriculum areas though. Science teachers can take snapshots of a chemical bonding experiment, asking students to fill in the gaps and give appropriate answers. History teachers could take an important historical figure and ask students to give characteristics while providing support on what they need to focus on, and the learning objectives they need to achieve. Modern foreign language teachers could even use Ask3 to model good pronunciation, then listen back to student recordings and check progress.

How does it hit learning outcomes?

Ask3 would also have a huge impact on peer-to-peer collaboration and review, allowing students to share work and progress with each other for feedback before submitting to the teacher. Students can even ask questions in the app itself, so if a teacher sets homework they can provide additional support if needed.

Where can I get Ask3?

Did I mention Ask3 (TechSmith Corporation) is completely free and just requires an email address for free account creation? All you have to do is download it from the App Store on your iPad, or head to iTunes.

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