Why choose Pro Tools for music?

Walk into any recording studio and the odds are you’ll find Pro Tools being used in some format or another. More than just a recording and editing system, Pro Tools provides a complete mixing and production environment capable of completing any recording, editing, remixing or beat creation project.


With the right combination of HD interfaces, a Pro Tools HD system can handle 96 channels of I/O, up to 192 audio tracks and full 24 bit/192 kHz when recording. No matter how big your session is, all tracks retain sample-accurate syncing and there are no limits on session length either. The DSP-driven mixing allows for latency-free, effects-laden monitor mixes for performers, while the audio quality of the new Avid HD interfaces and native card really set new standards in audio conversion, meaning you’re capturing every little detail.

Mixing and editing

Engineers and producers using Pro Tools go crazy for the speed and efficiency of its workflow. With just a single keystroke, you can switch between one window for editing and arranging and another for mixing (meaning you only ever need two windows open to control every function, rather than the multiple window mayhem of some suites). And the simple, uncluttered toolset provides everything you need for the perfect edit but without having to navigate endless menus.

When it comes to the mix, Pro Tools offers a level of automation, processing and routing that exceeds most consoles. The dedicated DSP cards in Pro Tools HD systems handle all mixing and plugin duties, meaning even really complex sessions won’t slow down your CPU. If you want to get hands-on, the Avid C24 surface gives you 24-fader console control complete with 16 mic preamps and console-style control room functionality.

Music production

Pro Tools is equally at home working with loops and programming beats as it is recording live performances. There’s a dedicated MIDI editor window for ‘deeper’ editing – aftertouch, release velocity, pitchbend, controller information etc – or you can just edit MIDI alongside audio directly in the arrange window.

There are advanced audio manipulation processors, like the multitrack Beat Detective and Elastic Audio tools, that let you re-time and re-groove audio files as easily as editing MIDI. You also get a wide range of over 70 exceptional-sounding virtual instruments, drum machines and samplers as well as sound processing plugins and other creative tools.

Producing a score? Pro Tools handles that too, via its own scoring engine or through direct interchange with Sibelius music notation software. It then lets you add your finished score to the timeline with full 7.1 surround sound panning.

Pro Tools 9 will work with any Pro Tools HD ASIO or core audio interfaces (including Avid’s own range of Mbox and Digidesign 003 interfaces) so you can create the perfect setup for your particular workflow. And with the new Pro Tools HD Native card, you can now use the coveted HD series converters on a native system.

No matter what sort of music you’re making, Pro Tools can accommodate it, and ensures your sessions are compatible with major studios around the world, regardless of version or platform. The built-in support for OMF/AAF/MXF file interchange means you can share your projects with other users of most audio and video software, not just Pro Tools.

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