How the Apple ecosystem can transform day-to-day business operations

Mac, iPad and iPhone are all incredible business tools, integrating technology in ways that are unmatched by other IT platforms. A successful implementation will allow you to improve everything from the way the end user accesses les to the method by which you present ideas in the boardroom.

Mac and iPad in the IT department

UNIFIED MANAGEMENT Macs can run on your existing Windows infrastructure and be managed as though they are PCs.

DEVICE SECURITY Mac, iPad and iPhone work with device management solutions, which lets you control security settings and remotely lock or wipe data from them.

INFRASTRUCTURE OVERVIEW CIOs can use bespoke apps to monitor IT systems and demands on the business infrastructure from anywhere.

Mac and iPad at the desk

TINY FOOTPRINT An Apple Time Machine and Mac mini on a single desk take up less space than most PCs.

AUTOMATIC BACKUPS Macs can be hooked up to Time Machine for automatic backing up of systems.

OFFICE FOR MAC, Outlook for Mac, Word, Excel and Powerpoint are available for diehard Microsoft users.

Mac and iPad at home in the evening

ANYTIME EMAIL Email, contacts, calendars and notifications can be securely accessed from home to answer last minute queries.

VPN INTEGRATION Easy, secure access to a corporate network is available on OS X and iOS devices when outside of the building.

Mac and iPad on the commute

SECURE FILE ACCESS Files saved on corporate servers can be accessed on iPad and iPhone during the journey to work using solutions such as Acronis’s mobilEcho.

PREPARE FOR THE DAY Apple has its own version of productivity tools that sync between Mac and iPad – Mail, Address Book, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Pages, Keynote and Numbers.

FIND MY iPhone Log into using the Apple ID to locate lost or stolen devices.

Mac and iPad in marketing

WINDOWS FILE ACCESS Mac users can access and use les on Windows servers without any incompatibility issues through ExtremeZ-IP.

WINDOWS ON A MAC Using tools such as Parallels and VMware, Mac users can access Windows desktops if they need to use Windows-only applications.

BUILT FOR CREATIVITY Fast processing speeds and memory, and large hard drives mean Macs are great for multitasking and creative work using tools like Adobe Creative Cloud.

Mac and iPad at a remote office

VIDEO CONFERENCING FaceTime is built into iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iOS devices, allowing Apple users to make video calls to HQ.

SINGLE SIGN-IN WITH APPLE ID iCloud services can be accessed by signing into an Apple ID using a password or fingerprint, regardless of which device you are using or where you are.

Mac and iPad in the warehouse

BESPOKE APPS FOR BESPOKE JOBS Apps can be customised or new apps developed to meet business demands and increase productivity, ie. stock management and CRM integration.

Mac and iPad in the boardroom

SIMPLIFIED PRESENTATIONS Use Apple TV in the boardroom and the AirPlay function to mirror the display of an iPad, iPhone or Mac.

CHEAPER THAN A PROJECTOR Apple TV costs less than the price of a single replacement projector bulb.

NOTES ON EVERY DEVICE Notes made in meetings on iPad are automatically available on the user’s Mac on their desk.

Mac and iPad out visiting clients

5GB OF FREE STORAGE IN iCloud This covers Photo Stream, Apple Mail, Calendars, Contacts and documents, which can be used for syncing les between an iPad or iPhone and a Mac.

SALES AND LEAD INFORMATION Use apps that hook into tools like Salesforce to get realtime sales and lead information in client meetings.

NEVER BE LATE OR WET Maps, Calendars and Reminders work together to ensure you never miss a meeting and know exactly where you’re going.

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