Education app of the week: iTunes U for iPad

Time to break down the classroom walls – Apple’s iTunes U lets you download whole courses for free. English, maths, science courses and more are available to download instantly to iPad, making it one of the first apps teachers should look at getting. 

What is iTunes U?

iTunes U (Apple, free) is a huge repository of free educational content. Originally created for universities to give students access to course lectures, assignments and media content while off campus, iTunes U has quickly been adopted by colleges, secondary and primary schools.

The categories cover every subject from English, maths, science and languages to engineering, programming and CPD resources for teachers. Within the categories, you can drill down and select specific courses (for example, ‘Classical Mythology’ under Literature or ‘4th Grade: Energy’ under Science), or plump for collections from top institutions across the world, such as the Open University and Yale.

How can it benefit the classroom?

iTunes U provides a great platform to provide students and staff access to video demonstrations, educational podcasts, handouts/assignments and any electronic media that will help support their curriculum and subject. All the various materials are collated in one app, and each assignment can be ticked off once completed.

What’s the best feature?

Immediate access to such a huge amount of content gives iTunes U massive drawing power for schools – you can download and start using resources in the classroom instantly. I think it’s the first app that any teacher should look at as soon as they pick up their iPad.

Where can I get it?

iTunes U (Apple, free) is completely free, and available to download from the App Store on your iPad, or from iTunes. It’s also available for iPhone and iPod touch.

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