Weekly design inspiration: Motion graphics, dog biscuit art and your five a day


Following a brief hiatus last week (sorry about that – technical issues!) here’s our latest round-up of design ideas, tips and all-round awesomeness. In this week’s top 5, we have a look at how they made the motion graphics for Adobe Creative Cloud’s marketing campaign, your five a day in digital form, paradoxical art sculptures, Barcelona meets typography, and a TV world like no other.

The Creative Cloud stinger motion graphics

The launch of Adobe Creative Cloud earlier in the year was a landmark event. With boxed software left behind in the dark ages, and a world where software is solely downloaded from the internet ahead, it was a big change for most creative workflows. To mark the launch, Adobe reached out to artists everywhere to come up with new imagery to represent each of the Creative Cloud tools. With the imagery sorted, they approached Studio B films, with one request: create a stinger video to introduce Creative Cloud. With motion graphics aplenty, I’m sure you’ll agree, the result is stunning!

CS6 Stinger from Michael Rigley on Vimeo.

Your five a day

Well, they may have decided to up the recommended number of fruit portions from five to seven, but this nice page called “Scroll for your health” by Tomer Lerner must have been created before that! Still, this is a great use of the scrolling web page format, which looks at five different fruits and the benefits they have for your diet and on your body. With smooth transitions between each of the fruits and simple graphics, it’s a great use of this relatively rare style. You might even learn something new: I, for one, didn’t know strawberries make your teeth whiter…

Scroll for you health

Take a look at Scroll for your health here.

What if a dog was made out dog biscuits?

It would indeed be a paradox. And that’s exactly what all of these sculptures by Nancy Fouts are – paradoxes. From the stunning example in the image below to a broken badminton shuttlecock that’s half egg shell, there are some really great ideas that have clearly spawned from Fouts’s background in advertising.

Nancy Fouts Paradoxical Art Sculpture

Take a look at more examples of Nancy Fouts’s work here.

Architecture meets tyopgraphy

Barcelona – known for its beautiful architecture, world-renowned artists, football and typography… Alright, the last one might not be entirely truthful, but it should be if this fine typographic example is anything to go by. Designer Simon Prades has combined his love of architectural drawing, type and Barcelona to create BCN Type. It’s well worth following the link below to see some examples of the creation process.

Barcelona Type

Take a look at more images of the BCN Type.

The real Coronation street

There’s something a bit strange about seeing a familiar sight taken over by the fantasy world of TV, but that’s what wearedorothy.com have done with this street map that is loosely based on a 1960s’ Washington map. Over 700 TV programme locations and streets have been used to replace the real locations, from TV classics like Coronation Street to newer hits like Parks & Recreation and Downton Abbey. Head on over to wearedorothy.com to see more images, and to see other examples of their work – there’s even a London map made entirely of book titles.

Dorothy TV Map

Take a look at wearedorothy.com’s other work here.


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