Preventing background rendering failures in OS X Mavericks

We’ve had a few cases of key software programs not playing well with OS X Mavericks, so it’s nice to hear that that someone’s come up with a quick fix for this background rendering quirk. 

OS X Mavericks’ App Nap feature is a fine idea in principle – it identifies apps that aren’t being used (all their windows are hidden, they’re not streaming anything, etc) and bumps them down to a lower priority, restricting their access to your computer’s CPU, storage and I/O devices, thereby reducing the amount of power the app uses and freeing up your computer to get on with more important things.

The issue is that when you set up a background render in an app like Premiere Pro, FCP X, DaVinci Resolve or similar, Mavericks often mistakes ‘working in the background’ for ‘taking a break’ and puts your renderer into App Nap mode, causing your render job to fail.

Nofilmschool have pointed out the most obvious fix here – open your list of Applications in Finder, open the Get Info menu screen for the application you’re rendering in, and click ‘Disable App Nap’ for that application. Do this for every application you want to have working in the background.

If that’s not clear enough, you can always watch CameraGuides’ video demo of the fix.

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