Education app of the week: The Human Body for iPad

Want to introduce the wonders of anatomy to younger pupils? The Human Body app for iPad teaches all about the body in a fun, interactive (and not too grisly!) way. Here’s why we recommend it…

What is The Human Body?

The Human Body (Tinybop, £1.99) is an interactive, animated model of the human body, in iPad app form. It lets pupils learn human anatomy through six interactive and animated layers of systems (Nervous, Skeletal, Respiratory, Circulatory, Digestive and Muscular). Pupils can prod away at animated organs to their hearts’ content, all the while learning what the body’s made of and how it works.

How can it benefit the classroom?

With a fun, animated style, The Human Body is squarely aimed at younger audiences, so it will be perfect for encouraging key stage 1 and 2 pupils who may not quite be ready for some of the more graphic anatomy and science apps out there.

There’s also an accompanying handbook aimed at helping teachers make the most of the app in the classroom. Full of great ideas for lesson objectives, quizzes and lesson ideas, it’s an essential read and comes free (take a look at the PDF here).

What’s the best feature?
The Human Body really stands out due to its interactivity. One of the best detailed interactions lets you use the camera to act as a human eye, so when you cover the camera the pupils dilate. You can also feed the body show to show how food affects different parts – feed it sweet things and you’ll notice how they start to affect the enamel on the teeth. Giving the teeth a quick brush cleans them up and brings back the sparkle!

How much is it?
You can find The Human Body (Tinybop, £1.99) by searching in the App Store directly from iPad, or by heading to iTunes. It costs £1.99, but if you’re bulk buying more than 20 instances of the app, you can get it half price for 99p under Apple’s Volume Purchase Programme.

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