Weekly design inspiration: Photography restoration, november inspiration and Banksy


From a heavily Photoshopped H-Bomb and a cartoon moustache to Spongebob Squarepants and a takeover of New York by Banksy, here’s our latest instalment of design inspiration for your mind-wandering Friday afternoon. Enjoy.

Old photos restored and colourised

These are frankly incredible! Looking at these old pictures, which have been restored and colourised (there’s been some serious Photoshop work gone on here!), it’s hard to believe that the earliest one was taken way back in 1860. Follow the link below to see everyone from Churchill to Hepburn in all their glory. Our favourite, though, has to be this H-Bomb test, which is all the more menacing against the calming blue of the ocean.

H-bomb test photoshop

Take a look at the full set of photos here.

 More movember inspiration

If our look at the US’s National Beard & Mustache Championships didn’t give you the inspiration you needed, here’s another batch of facial fuzz options. This time from artist Scott Triffle, who back in 2008 recreated famous moustached characters in honour of the charity. Take a look at the link below to see a selection of the Movember drawings, or head to Scott’s Tumblr page to see more of his work.

Scott Triffle Illustration

Take a look at Scott Triffle’s Movember illustrations.

Paper art

Given a pair of scissors and some paper, most people would end up creating either a chain to wrap around the office christmas tree or snow flakes to stick to the windows with sticky tape. Not the case for Yulia Brodskaya, who makes some pretty amazing paper art. While we’ve picked out this festive example below, you have to click the link if only to see what should clearly form the basis of Cadbury’s next advertising campaign.

Yulia Brodskaya Paper Art

Take a look at Yulia Brodskaya’s work here.

Think Invisible Project

Ever wondered what Mickey Mouse would look like if you didn’t draw him? How much of the Apple logo can disappear before it’s gone forever? It’s all a bit philosophical for us, but not for the folk (Adri Bodor and Mark Szulyovsky) at the Think Invisible Project, who put together these designs to show what some of the most famous icons look like if you can only see a small portion of their outline. The aim was to prove that the brain can recreate parts of an image after seeing only a few characteristic parts.

Think Invisible Project

Take a look at more examples from the Think Invisible Project here.

Better out than in

Last month, Banksy took to the streets of New York for a one month residency. With a new piece of street art appearing each day throughout the month, from a fibreglass sculpture of Ronald McDonald to a slaughterhouse delivery truck, the works were announced on his website and posted to Instragram. Cue: one massive hunt by the city’s population.

Banksy Coney Island

Take a look at Banksy’s NY website to see all the pieces of art.

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