Is your software ready for OS X Mavericks?

While we understand that you want to update to the latest version of OS X as soon as possible (154 Jigsaw24 employees are attempting to download it simultaneously right now), there are a couple of software programs out there that aren’t quite ready for it, and if they’re part of your daily computing routine, you’ll want to hold off until they’ve been updated. 

We’re going to be keeping a rolling list of red flags and fixes here, so let us know if anything you’re using has issues with Mavericks, or if you’ve spotted a software patch release that we’ve missed. In the meantime, here are the compatibility issues we’ve found so far:

Avid have released an official list of issues (including data corruption on the VideoRAID SR). However, they’ve recently released a free update for Mavericks users, Pro Tools 11.0.3, along with new drivers for their audio hardware, so these issues should be fixed now.

axle video have announced that the 2012 and 2013 versions of their popular asset management solution do not support OS X Mavericks. They are currently hard at work on a compatible version, which they plan to release before the end of the year, but advise you not to update before then.

Final Cut Pro users have received this advice from FCP guru Larry Jordan: “Based on recent reports I’m reading and additional conversations, FCP 7 seems to work fine on Mavericks. (Though I had a report of a few generators not working properly on the new OS.) Keep in mind that all development on FCP 7 has ended. And, at some point, FCP 7 will not work on a future Mac operating system. While FCP 7 is not optimised for Mavericks, it does run. If you need to upgrade, go ahead. However, my personal recommendation is to not upgrade the operating system of any computer primarily devoted to FCP 7 editing. Instead, run FCP 7 on the operating system for which it was designed. Your time with FCP 7 will not last forever. It is time to start planning your migration.”

Nemetschek Vectorworks 2013 and 2014 are both Mavericks-compatible, but users on older versions will need to upgrade.

Parallels Desktop version 6 will not work with OS X Mavericks, and you will be unable to launch Windows virtual machines or directly access your files if you try to run Parallels 6 on a Mac that’s been updated. However, Parallels Desktop 9 is fully compatible and is available here.

QuarkXPress will support Mavericks from 10.0.1 onwards – version 9 users have reported a string of random crash bugs and that site licences aren’t working, and Quark are looking into resolving this. However, they have no plan to support Mavericks for QuarkXPress 8 or lower. As of 31/10, Quark are claiming that the 10.0.1 will be available from their download portal within the next few days.

SMBv2 seems to reorder ACLs on SMB share, effectively changing the permissionsThis was flagged up by a user on an AD bound Mac, and so far only those machines seem to be affected.

Rolling back to OS X Mountain Lion

If you’ve updated to Mavericks and want to roll back to Mountain Lion, your only option is to use the internet-based version of your Mac’s Recovery system – if you boot from your Mac’s built-in Recovery partition, you’ll just end up with a clean install of Mavericks. (If your computer is so shiny and new that it shipped with Mavericks, you won’t be able to roll back). Internet-based Recovery is available on Macs running OS X Lion or later, and will work as long as you’re connected to the internet.

To get back to Mountain Lion or Lion, start your Mac while holding down Cmd + Alt + R. You’ll be presented with four options; first, you’ll want to select ‘Repair or erase a disk using Disk Utility’. Be warned – you’re going to wipe your hard disk, so you’ll want to have made a decent backup or two beforehand.

Follow the on-screen instructions to erase your drive, then exit Disk Utility. You’ll be returned to your Recovery options. This time, select ‘Reinstall OS X’ and select the version you want to reinstall (you’ll need to enter your Apple ID and password if this is a version you purchased from the App Store. Follow the on-screen instructions, then once complete restore your files from the backup you made before installing Mavericks. You did back up before installing Mavericks, right?

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