Cube 3D printer hands-on test

3D printing is a molten hot topic at the moment, and over the past few months we’ve been trying out a few of the different 3D printers on the market. This week in the Jigsaw24 demo room, the Cube 3D printer from 3D Systems Cubify has been undergoing a range of rigorous tests, and you can see the results in the below video and images.

This model is designed for ‘home’ use, which means you won’t be able to print your own plane, but at around only £1000, it does make it an interesting proposition for 3D design in education. We tried a few templates, including for an iPhone case and dock, a castle and, in the below video, a few pieces from a full chess set. As the printing process is literally like watching plastic dry, we’ve sped it up a bit…

What you might not be able to see from the video is the incredible detail you can achieve with 3D printing. In the images of the castle, you might be able to spot the internal staircase, and a double helix running through the middle which is very impressive for what is a single piece of plastic.

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