Sharing Studio One projects with SoundCloud

Studio One Pro, from PreSonus, proves it has quite a few tricks up its sleeve, including being the first digital audio workstation to support direct upload to SoundCloud. But why do we think this new feature is so beneficial to the classroom?

We’ve previously commented on some of the fantastic features of PreSonus Studio One Pro, but the integration with SoundCloud means students can simply export their track straight to the internet as soon as they’ve finished working on it. Once published, teachers can then visit the private SoundCloud page to listen to the track.

Compared to the usual process of burning multiple CDs for each student’s coursework to be marked and sent for external moderation, uploading to SoundCloud makes submitting work for assessment cheaper, quicker and greener. CDs aren’t the cheapest medium, but they’re also prone to getting scratched, lost in the post, mixed up if not properly labelled plus they’re also not widely recycled, so not the most environmentally-friendly option.

With SoundCloud, markers can simply log on to the student’s individual page and leave feedback at key parts of the track for students to go back and think about. And because the tracks get stored on SoundCloud’s server, they take the bandwidth brunt instead of you.

And PreSonus Studio One Pro makes uploading to SoundCloud even easier than usual, by letting students add their tracks from directly within the digital audio workstation as soon as they’re finished. They just have to click on ‘Add Tracks’ (check the screenshot below), drag and drop their projects, give them a name, then click ‘Upload’. Leaving the ‘This track is available publicly’ box unchecked ensures the track is listed privately and only available to those who are specifically given access.


Like YouTube for videos and Flickr for photos, SoundCloud is incredibly easy to use, free and doesn’t require any kind of licence. As such, students can access the website from anywhere, and collaborate and comment on projects at home or in class.

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