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    WiFi is one of the most important things to consider before rolling out a deployment of mobile or notebook devices. Without proper WiFi coverage (a strong signal wherever you are) and capacity (the ability to support all your devices at once), your students and staff are going to struggle to make the most of the devices you’ve invested in. Having structured cabling and switches is also very important to ensure your wireless gets the correct coverage. It might mean you suffer from signal black spots, slow-loading files and web pages, and the indignity of dropping off the network because too many people in the IT lab next door are on the WiFi at the same time.

    The top solution we recommend for keeping classrooms connected is from Aruba Networks, an HP company, and we can also provide a full installation service which includes structured cabling and switches to ensure your WiFi is working effectively, and ongoing support.

    Secure and scalable

    Aruba Instant uses innovative Virtual Controller technology to deliver enterprise-grade WLAN capabilities – that basically means it's high performance, scalable and secure, which is also great for schools.

    Really reliable

    Aruba is completely resilient to failure. If an Aruba Instant access point fails, another one takes on its job so you don’t get any disruption in your WiFi connection.

    Simple management

    Aruba Instant makes managing multiple networks really easy. Configure and manage it through the built in web interface or centrally through the Aruba AirWave platform, or in the cloud with Aruba Central.

    Safe web browsing

    eSafety is important when it comes to your network, and Aruba's tools help keep students safe online. Working with the OpenDNS service, Aruba Instant wireless LANs help schools protect children from inappropriate web sites and content.

    A secure network

    Any worries you may have about security are taken care of. Aruba Instant includes an integrated firewall that inspects, prioritises, blocks and restricts network traffic based on policy.

    Low cost of ownership

    With a simplified system of WiFi access points, and with a lifetime warranty and software updates included in the price, both your hardware and operational costs are kept to a bare minimum.

    Creating an IT infrastructure that supports modern learning

    In 2014, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School reopened as a free school, and realised that their IT setup and network wasn’t up to the challenge of handling new students and staff. The IT team came up with a five year investment plan and, with a bit of help from Jigsaw24, a high speed network was soon in place...

    “[The new network] had a huge impact on staff morale and on their confidence in the IT systems of the school, which had previously been low. Our staff were amazed at the speed at which the improvements took place.”

    Vikki Dodd, Head of Computing, Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School

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What can we do?

Get tailored tech – IT solutions for every level.

Whether you’re after iPad for primary or secondary schools, or need more advanced, industry-standard IT creative tech for further and higher education, we provide solutions for every education level.

Get expert advice – Ask us about our consultancy.

Our team can talk you through a tailor-made solution based on your needs and budget. Along with the technical skills, they have a knack for translating IT technician speak for teachers.

Get all set up – We can help with installation.

Our networking experts can provide a full system that includes everything from new access points to brand new speedy cabling.

Get futureproof – Sustainable solutions.

We offer solutions that are scalable, so your WiFi can expand as the number of your WiFi-hungry devices does, with predictable budgeting too.

Get supported – Our tech support team.

We provide a dedicated point of contact who knows your system inside out, so you can be sure your school has minimal downtime if anything goes wrong.

Get peace of mind – Our ongoing maintenance.

We also offer contracts that include phone and remote support, dedicated Education Managers and Trainers, purchasing portals, training, surgeries and more.

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