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Apple’s computers have been a huge hit with educators since they were first released, thanks to their ease of use and resilience in the classroom. All of Apple’s computers come pre-loaded with OS X Yosemite, a simple-to-use operating system that even the youngest students will be able to get to grips with immediately, and the iLife suite of creative apps, which will have them creating videos, writing music and showcasing their work in no time. Here are just a few of our recommended Mac machines – give the team a call to find out which will be right for you.

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  • How iPad can improve productivity
  • Fully secure mobile working
  • How iPad motivates your workforce
  • Why iPad doesn't have to be expensive
  • How iPad can improve productivity
  • Fully secure mobile working
  • How iPad motivates your workforce
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MacBook ProArrow

Powerful and portable

MacBook Pro

If you’re not ready to give up your disk drive just yet, or want to give students a taste of professional workflows by using demanding applications like Photoshop or Final Cut, MacBook Pros are perfect. Portable enough to carry around, they still pack in plenty of RAM (up to 16GB) and you can choose between super-fast Flash storage for quick startup times or a larger hard drive if your key concern is space. Plus, the high resolution Retina display means that you’ll be able to see every detail of creative work when you’re marking.

MacBook AirArrow

Perfect for portability

MacBook Air

MacBook Air is perfect if you want to start using computers across the whole curriculum because it’s so portable (only 1.7cm thick and weighing only 1.08kg). Where they really excel is their super-fast startup times and ability to load things much faster (thanks to the lightweight, silent SSD storage with no moving parts, unlike normal hard disk drives), so you can make the most of lesson times. Because of their size, there’s no DVD drive, but you can easily connect to an additional Apple SuperDrive or use another computer’s drive via Bluetooth.

Mac miniArrow

For the classroom or the server room

Mac mini

Small enough to fit in the average lunchbox but as powerful as an iMac (and equipped with the same Fusion drive), Mac mini is perfect for any school looking to save money by reusing their existing keyboards and displays – it’ll work with practically any. The desktop version of the Mac mini makes a space-saving, energy efficient alternative to a PC, while the server version is the ideal solution for anyone looking to host a VLE or classroom wiki.


Powerful and portable


The new iMacs are light, slim (only 5mm at their thinnest point!) and offer you the best of both worlds with Fusion drive – you get fast Flash storage so your key classroom applications start up immediately, but have a large HDD for students who are saving locally to store their work on. The new models have a 75% less reflective screen, so are far easier to work on under artificial light, but keep the same huge screen and 178 degree viewing angle that’s made them our top pick for group work.

Apple mouse and keyboardArrow

Keep your kit safe


Apple’s wireless mice and keyboards are great for giving groups a bit of flexibility at their computers, but if you’re worried about them going walkabout, opt for the good old wired version.

Notebook trolleysArrow

Powerful and portable

Notebook trolley

Storing your notebooks in the classroom? Our lock ‘n’ charge cases will let you lock away notebooks and iPads safely and charge them at the same time. You can even use the time to sync your classroom iPad deployment with a teacher’s notebook.

Notebook casesArrow

Keep your kit safe

Notebook cases

If you’re letting students move notebooks between classrooms, help insulate them against drops, scrapes and scratches with a case. We can set you up with scratch-resistant hard shells, padded sleeves and even messenger bags if you want to make sure students are taking their notebooks everywhere.

Apple trainingArrow

Apple iPad in use

Don’t let your school’s brand new Apple Mac and iPad equipment just sit there gathering dust – with one of our Apple Professional Development (APD) training courses, you can unlock the real potential of your hardware, and make sure your staff are all up to speed at the same time. We offer a huge range of courses from foundation iOS and OS X training, to curriculum-based sessions and even vision and planning for your Apple deployment.

Download our training catalogue here.

* Call for pricing on other specs & multiple purchases


The benefits of MacArrow

Great for digital content creation

Macs come pre-loaded with iLife software, which contains all the tools you need to start making lessons more creative with video, audio and photos. All the apps are intuitive and quick to learn, so you don’t have to spend valuable teaching time showing students how to make a video over and over. iLife includes GarageBand (for recording and mixing music, iMovie (for editing video), iPhoto (for editing photos) and iWeb (for creating basic websites).

Student uses iLife in the classroom iWork is Apple’s answer to Microsoft Office, and is available for a fraction of the price. Made up of Pages, Numbers and Keynote, these apps include everything you need for word processing, working on spreadsheets and putting together presentations, but come with an incredibly simple interface that makes them suitable for just about any age. Get in touch with the team using the number at the bottom for iLife and iWork training! .

If you want your students to get into the nitty gritty of photo editing, video work or audio production and post, Apple’s pro apps are ideal. Aperture, Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro are all industry-standard tools that will give your students experience using the kinds of tools they would in the creative industries.

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Long life and environmentally friendly

We know total cost of ownership is incredibly important to schools and colleges! The last thing you want is to buy new hardware that will need replacing in two years. Admittedly, Macs tend to be more expensive than cheaper PCs with lower specs. But when you look at the long term benefits, Macs almost always win.

Apple high quality build As well as being made from high quality (and sturdy) materials that are perfect for the classroom, Mac notebook batteries last longer and are incredibly energy efficient meaning they cost less money to run than PC equivalents. Apple are also the only manufacturer whose entire range exceeds the ENERGY STAR and EPEAT GOLD standards, making them environmentally friendly, and saving you money on your electricity bill. Plus, Macs are less susceptible to viruses and malware than PCs, and can self-repair when they do find a fault, meaning you’ll end up paying less for support.


The most advanced operating system ever

Apple’s operating system, OS X Yosemite, is packed with features that make it ideal for educational environments. It supports intuitive multitouch controls, such as pinches and swipes, that make it easy for students and staff to learn how to navigate their computer. And you can mirror anything on your screen to a larger display using AirPlay, so it’s easy to demonstrate anything new to the class or in a lecture theatre.

Advanced touch control When it comes to keeping your documents safe, things are even easier. Students can back their work up to iCloud, so they never lose their files if something goes wrong, and with Versions they’ll even be able to scroll through previous drafts of their work (and submit them so you can see how their work has evolved).


Accessibility built in

Apple’s Macs and OS X devices all come with accessibility features built in at no extra cost. Students who struggle to type can dictate their work, those with visual impairments can have their screen audio described thanks to Apple’s VoiceOver technology – you can even hook in braille displays.

There are also basic accessibility features built into almost every application, such as the ability to zoom in; magnification for applications, screen segments or your cursor; spoken alerts and the ability to add and remove page elements or view reversed out videos and pictures.


Seamless integration

If you’re going to be using Macs and PCs, you’ll be happy to hear that you can also run Windows on your Macs. Using your Macs’ built in Boot Camp function, you can just ask students to choose the operating system they need at startup, and then teach in Windows or OS X as needed. Our engineers can also set you up with software like ExtremeZ-IP, which ensures students on either platform can see the same files and access the same printers. We can even show your tech team how to run Macs on their existing Windows servers, so they don’t have to learn the ins and outs of OS X. Get in touch on the details below to find out more!


Want to know which Mac is right for your classroom? Get in touch on the details below!