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To get students really engaged with their work, iPad is the way to go. With over 1.5 million iPad devices currently in schools (and that figure rising all the time), it’s revolutionising learning, making it more mobile and intuitive, and improving engagement and knowledge retention in the process. iPad empowers students to learn anytime, anywhere, and there are literally thousands of education-specific apps available that level the playing field for every type of learner. Read on to find out how iPad can help you, or if you’re already convinced take a look at our free 1:1 iPad trial scheme, e7.

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iPad with Retina display

If your students are going to be working on visual projects and need to display incredibly high resolution imagery on the device, iPad with Retina display has 3.1 million pixels, making it a solid choice for art and video-based lessons. Combined with the HD cameras on the front and back (1080p), and with a speedy A6X processor, this is ideal for work involving photography and video recording. This is also a great choice for SEN pupils because it has a built-in dictation tool that allows them to dictate text within virtually any app.

Generally speaking, you’ll be safe with the 16GB option. We would say it’s worth getting in touch to discuss your exact requirements though, as you might want to go for one of the bigger options if you want to store a lot of media (HD video, for example) or download storage-intensive apps.

iPad with Retina display - 16GB WiFi only (30-pin)

£250.50 ex VAT

* There is a choice between 16GB, 32GB, and 128GB of storage.

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Mac mini

iPad mini is proving a big hit with schools because of its student-friendly size. With a 7.9 inch screen (compared with iPad’s standard 9.7 inches) you can literally do everything you would normally do but at a slightly smaller scale. With over 300,000 apps, HD video recording on both the front and back, this is arguably the perfect classroom tool. There’s a choice between 16GB, 32GB and 64GB of storage, but as with the other models, we’d recommend schools go with the smallest option unless they have specific storage-intensive needs.

Exclusive iPad bundlesArrow

iPad bundles

We've put together pre-made kits... but these can be completely tailored to your classroom.
Give us a call to get started!

2. 16 x iPad with Retina display - Apple TV - 16 x cases - Lock 'n' Charge cart

£5999 ex VAT

3. 32 x iPad with Retina display - Apple TV - MacBook Air - 32 x cases - Lock 'n' Charge cart - APD training day

£12,500 ex VAT

Apple TVArrow

Apple TV

With Apple TV, you can do everything you can with a traditional projector – stream video, images and presentations directly to your existing displays or TVs – completely wirelessly. You can even ‘mirror’ your Mac or MacBook’s desktop through Apple TV to show a whole class how to do something. It’s small enough to fit in a little bracket behind the screen and is operable by its own remote control, so there are no trailing wires getting in the way.

Apple TV

£75 ex VAT

iPad trolleysArrow

Powerful and portable

iPad trolley

Storing your notebooks in the classroom? Our lock ‘n’ charge cases will let you lock away notebooks and iPads safely and charge them at the same time. You can even use the time to sync your classroom iPad deployment with a teacher’s notebook.

iPod touchArrow


iPod touch is known for revolutionising how people consume music, but it’s now advanced into more than just a music player. The iPod touch has reached a form that’s perfect for young learners. With an intuitive touchscreen, students can really get engaged with the thousands of primary education apps that are available in the App store. There are also apps which can turn the iPod touch into a personal buzzer for each student, so you can set quiz questions and surveys, and get instant feedback from the whole class.

iPod Touch

£132 ex VAT

Apple trainingArrow

Apple iPad in use

Don’t let your school’s brand new Apple Mac and iPad equipment just sit there gathering dust – with one of our Apple Professional Development (APD) training courses, you can unlock the real potential of your hardware, and make sure your staff are all up to speed at the same time. We offer a huge range of courses from foundation iOS and OS X training, to curriculum-based sessions and even vision and planning for your Apple deployment.

Download our training catalogue here.


* Call for pricing on other specs & multiple purchases


The benefits of iPad for educationArrow

Anytime, anywhere learning

iPad really is the ultimate mobile learning tool. It empowers your students to learn no matter where they are. It enhances learning by allowing students to get hold of (or create) the content they need using iCloud or alternative cloud-based systems, whether they’re in class, anywhere around your school or college, or at home. That’s why this is a great tool for improving parental engagement – iPad gets parents as excited as it does their children, and doing homework is more of a collaborative effort than a chore.

Students using iPad for homework From a practical point of view, iPad’s battery will last a full day (it can be used for 10 hours non-stop before needing another charge), and because of the technology inside, it has an almost immediate start-up time, meaning there’s no waiting around for computers to load before lessons can begin. It will also easily connect to Apple TV, which is a great way to present to classes. The Mirroring function means that whatever a pupil sees on their iPad can be instantly (and wirelessly) displayed on the class screen.


iPad doesn’t have to be expensive

From saving on print costs to the residual value, iPad is a great way for schools to maximise on their IT investment. Because students can work on files directly on the iPad, there’s no need to print or photocopy handouts – most documents can be distributed using a Cloud app or email. iPad is also a great way to save on textbook and planner costs. There are thousands of resources available for any age available on iTunes U and in the iBooks store, and the built-in apps Calendar and Reminders can be used to plan in homework and lessons.

Students reading iPad iPad is known for having a high residual value, and will maintain its original price for a number of years after the original purchase. There are also a number of financing options available, such as parental contribution models or pupil premiums, making the initial investment even more affordable for both your school and for parents. Alternatively, through leasing, you can guarantee an affordable monthly cost and will have the chance to refresh your iPad deployment with newer models at the end of the lease period.

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Unlimited content

The amount of content available to your students on an iPad has to be seen to be believed: iBooks is a library of fiction and non-fiction books (many of which are completely free thanks to Project Gutenberg) that can be easily downloaded using an Apple ID; iTunes U is an immersive online resource that has been put together by schools, colleges and universities about specific subjects or topics; and there are thousands of apps available from the App Store that are designed to help achieve learning outcomes.

Multimedia iPad content When it comes to students creating their own content, iWork, iMovie and GarageBand are great choices. Whether they need to put together word documents, presentations or edit video and audio captured using the built-in cameras and microphone, iPad will let them do everything they would normally do on a Mac or PC, and more!



iPad has a number of built-in features that make it accessible to students of all ages and abilities. For students who are visually impaired, there’s everything from a screen reader (which is available in 21 languages) to a detailed zoom and the ability to increase font sizes up to 56-point or invert colours. For anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing, iPad supports closed captions, subtitles and visual alerts for new messages and important status information. And for students with physical or motor skills impairment, the thin and light design, ability to enter multitouch gestures using one finger (thanks to AssistiveTouch) and intuitive predictive text makes it an incredibly accessible device.

Simply text entry on iPad


Seamless integration

When it comes to introducing a new kind of device to your school, it’s vital that it works alongside your existing IT. iPad comes with built-in compatibility with both Mac and Windows infrastructures. If your email and contacts runs on Microsoft, for example, the built-in Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Reminders apps will all integrate with Exchange to give access to email or timetables from anywhere. iPad also comes with built-in security features such as passcodes, encryption of third-party apps and encrypted network communication, and by using a mobile device management (MDM) solution, it can be easily locked down to provide students with as little or as much access to apps, websites and data as needed.

Connectivity on iPad


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