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Upgrading West Edge Creative
to Pro Tools HD

West Edge Creative needed an upgrade in order to meet the increasing demands of their music studio. When they came to us, we suggested and installed a Pro Tools HD 3 Accel system, D-Command control surface and a Mac Pro. The installation caused West Edge minimum disruption and gave them great potential for continued growth.

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Why did they come to us?
With demand for the studio on the rise, Sean and his team needed a setup that could handle more tracks, faster, and that would allow them to take on more high-end work.

What did they need?
Faster, more powerful equipment that could cope with the growing demand for the studio.

How did we help?
We provided a Pro Tools HD 3 Accel system and D-Command control surface, all run from a high-spec Mac Pro.

What were the benefits?
The studio can now take on a larger number of high-end projects, such as mixing TV and DVD recordings, and can mix albums in-house. The increase in processing speeds and more powerful hardware mean that engineers can make more efficient use of their studio time.

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West Edge creative
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Who are West Edge Creative? Arrow

Galway’s West Edge Creative recording studio is run by Sean Horsman, a live engineer with acts including Elbox, McFly and Franz Ferdinand.