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After organising iPad and Mac rollouts in businesses and schools of every size and description, we’ve seen how quickly Apple devices can become integral to your organisation’s success. That’s why we’ve started offering iPad and Mac specific warranties to our business and education customers. This way, if anything goes wrong, you can be sure of the fastest (and least expensive) resolution possible, even if your hardware is in its third year.

Why choose a
Jigsaw24 warranty?

Having delivered Apple services for over 20 years, we work to the highest standards when it comes to response times, break/fix times and whether or not we manage to fix your machines the first time a fault is reported. So far we have a 97% customer satisfaction rating as independently verified by Apple, so you can be sure of the same high quality of care as if your warranty was with Apple themselves.

We currently employ Apple certified engineers in our Nottingham, Soho and MediaCityUK offices, who can cover all current Apple hardware and most non-Apple hardware by request. Depending on your location they can offer four-hour break/fix times and next business day delivery on spares, replacements, loan items and swap-outs of faulty devices (these can also be pre-imaged so they arrive configured just as you need them).

Warranties for Mac for Education

If you want a really simple, cost-effective way to make sure all your Mac computers are covered, this is for you. It covers the hardware and software on your Mac for up to three years, all for less than the cost of Apple’s own cover. And unlike many support contracts out there, this gives you unlimited help desk queries for the whole period, not just the first 90 days or year. Our Mac warranties for education start from just £37 ex VAT per device, whether you bought your Mac from us or another provider.

Warranties for iPad for Education

We think this is the best warranty out there for education customers. This is a true warranty agreement, rather than a support agreement like many service providers offer, and includes hardware replacement, with full parts and labour cover. To put that into perspective, we provide the same level of support as Apple's own AppleCare, but have tailored the pricing to education customers. If you already have a warranty in place, we can help you extend your cover with general support or software-only support.

Warranties for Mac for Business

Whether your whole business runs on Mac or you just have a handful of machines, our Mac warranties for business are here to ensure your hardware, OS, and first party app software are covered, from as little as £39 ex VAT per device. Our warranties come with a dedicated email and telephone number to report faults to, with support being available from 8.30am until 5.30pm Monday- Friday. And we can also offer premium warranties, which come with additional services and next business day loans.

Warranties for iPad for Business

We provide businesses with the most comprehensive warranty for iPad, for the best possible value. Our warranty doesn’t just include support (as some service providers’ offerings do) – it’s a true warranty agreement that includes hardware replacement with full parts and labour cover. In addition to the same in and out-of-warranty repairs as Apple’s own AppleCare, we take it one step further, with broader software support covering your device, wireless connectivity and first party apps. It’s perfectly tailored to businesses using iPad.

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