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As part of their Vision West Notts rebranding exercise, West Nottinghamshire College launched a £5 million refurbishment of their Derby Road site. We set them up with Centrify management tools for their new Macs, and configured and installed a 12-screen software-driven video wall so that staff could showcase students’ work in a more dynamic way.

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Vision West Notts calledJigsaw24 to discuss ideas for a 12-screen video wall to showcase their students' creative work. The team also discussed Mac management solutions, helping to reconcile Mac users with Windows management.

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Why did they come to us?
One of the college’s key aims was to foster links with industry, and they wanted the screen to act as a bold, eye-catching introduction to the building for any visitors. After hearing several pitches, the college decided to work with Jigsaw24.

What did they need?
A video wall on a budget, and a way to make it easier for Mac users to access their Isilon shared storage system.

How did we help?
The college was having trouble getting their iMacs to work with their Isilon shared storage system. We used a combination of GroupLogic’s ExtremeZ-IP to smooth out any integration issues and Centrify Suite to secure and manage their machines. We then built a 12-screen video wall in which every screen showed a full 720p image, meaning there was less risk of content being distorted or degraded.

What were the benefits?
A smoother, more productive Mac user experience for students and staff, who now have tighter control over individual workstations, reducing the possibility of failure due to end user interference. The video wall also gives them the ability showcase 3D and video work at full resolution, rather than relying on stills.

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Vision West Notts is an LSIS Beacon College that provides a range of GCSEs, A-Levels, vocational courses and apprenticeships for school leavers and adult learners alike.