• Production

    What is it?

    Video production includes everything from your initial studio build, right through to shooting your video content. For entry-level video work this can be as simple as finding the right DLSR or affordable camera, but it can also include the accessories you need for live production like autocues, prompters and tallylights. In plain English, we’re referring to everything you need to set up and record footage.

    Why does it matter?

    In order to be in a position to capture video content, you need to carefully consider your production workflow. You need to evaluate what you need your kit for: shooting on location or in a studio. If you’ll be shooting footage on location, it might be worth investing in kit that is weather-proof, whereas if you’ll only ever be shooting in studios, it might be worth considering investing in more studio accessories. All these factors contribute to the standard of video you’re able to create.

    What can we do?

    It’s all about the hardware when it comes to production. We can kit you out with the tools you need and advise on the best options depending on your customer or project budgets. We can also provide studio and live-streaming solutions.

    This covers:

    • Studio builds and chroma setups.
    • Cameras, mics and talkback systems.
    • Lighting and grips.
    • Switchers and mixers.
    • Live streaming, encoding and digital delivery.
    • Monitoring solutions.
    • Audio for video.

    What are the benefits?

    We like to think of ourselves as ‘vendor agnostic’, we select technology based on what’s best for the customer, not based on our preferences. We’ve tested all of the cameras we supply ourselves within our design/video departments so you can expect honest advice. We can also provide evaluation kit and product demos (subject to availability), so you can test your new kit out before you invest in it from our office in Nottingham, MediaCityUK and Soho.

    Our partners

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    The Studio at Racing Post

    “The advice and guidance from the experts at Jigsaw24 was invaluable as we embarked on the ambitious studio project. But looking back now some three years later it’s difficult to know of anything we would have done differently. It wasn’t just their on-the-spot expertise that helped us achieve our goal – the advice and feedback we continue to receive from them, even this far down the line, is exceptional.”

    Rob Watson, Racing Post.

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