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Adobe Connect Pro at University of Glasgow

The Medical School at the University of Glasgow needed an online web
conferencing solution to be used as part of a 3-year postgraduate programme. After consulting with them, we suggested Adobe Connect Pro, arranged the licensing of the application, and trained them in the best ways to use it.

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Why did they come to us?
Phillip Evans, the university’s Director for the Centre of Educational Scholarship, wanted to be able to hold meetings online and communicate with up to 30 students at a time.

What did they need?
A user-friendly web conferencing solution that allowed multimedia sharing (both audio and video), and included presentation screens and chat boxes.

How did we help?
After consulting with the university our consultant, Anthony Hammond, suggested Adobe Connect Pro. Connect Pro includes all of the features needed to set up a virtual conference. It also comes with easy user management and the ability for everyone attending meetings to be both seen and heard. For Phillip and his students, one of the key benefits of the solution is that Connect Pro only requires Flash Player; users with this installed on their computer are already able to access all of Connect Pro’s features.

The solution also provided Phillip with the opportunity to record meetings and archive them. Students would be able to access these for revision purposes or, if they were unable to attend at the time, play them back offline. Connect Pro would run on Adobe’s servers, but we were able to license the product for the university and get everything up and running. With a little training from us, Phillip was able to comfortably use the application and was ready to start using it as part of the course.

What were the benefits?
The Adobe Connect Pro solution is now being used as part of a 3-year postgraduate degree programme run by the Medical School at the university. It has proved very successful, and students (both inside and outside the UK) are now able to communicate with each other and the course leaders.

The University of Glasgow has now decided to run a further two courses that use Connect Pro. After seeing the success of the original course, Phillip Evans also plans on using the application again for future programmes.

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