NewTek TriCaster and 3Play ranges now available from Jigsaw24

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Kickstart production
with the powerful, portable TriCaster 410 from
£9598.80 inc VAT
(Education discount available)

Scalable, professional streaming solutions: TriCaster 460 from
£14,398.80 inc VAT
(Education discount available)

Scalable, professional streaming solutions: TriCaster 860 from
£23,398.80 inc VAT
(Education discount available)

Take control of every aspect of your production with TriCaster 8000 v2 from
£30,598.80 inc VAT
(Education discount available)

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Who are Jigsaw24?

We’ve been supplying mission-critical technology solutions to the UK’s top creative and corporate companies for over 20 years, with clients including the BBC, Sky, News International and more. We’ve got in-house experts in production, post, audio, VFX, infrastructure, servers and storage, so can offer advice no matter what stage your broadcast setup is at. If you’re just getting started, we can even work with you to develop a workflow that’ll suit your staff’s existing skills and working practices, so you can get up to speed as quickly as possible.

We’re also a nationwide Apple Service Provider, performing in and out of warranty repairs and technical support on a range of kit at our Soho Service Centre, Nottingham HQ and at our offices in MediaCityUK.

Our support contracts can include guaranteed break-fix times, a dedicated point of contact so that you’re always dealing with someone who understands your system, regular onsite maintenance days and emergency hardware loans so that you never have to miss a day’s work due to downtime. To find out more, give us a call on 03332 409 332 or email

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Stream live or on demand to Android and iOS devices with Enterprise TV from Jigsaw24

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