Case study

Upgrading to HD and exceeding
Premiership standards with
Blackmagic Design at Swansea City AFC

Having finished in the top half of the Premiership and qualified for the UEFA Europa league, Swansea City decided it was time to update their media infrastructure in order to give fans, pundits and their analysis team the best possible coverage of each game. Using Blackmagic Design’s production gear, they were able to update their network to HD, increase the number of video feeds they can deal with and how quickly they can be dealt with.

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What did they need?
An HD AV network that would let the club support more broadcasters and meet Premiership standards, and at the same time let them use those broadcasters’ HD feeds in their own media, commercial and analysis departments.

How did Jigsaw24 help?
We’ve been providing Swansea City with their Macs since 2009, and when they needed to update their AV equipment, they got in touch with our broadcast department to get the right technology at the best prices.

What were the benefits?
The Swansea City AFC analysis team now have more comprehensive coverage of every game. The media department can support more video feeds for press, pundits and the team’s commercial department. In the next phase of stadium expansion, the team are installing a large screen to broadcast live in-match content.

“The sales team have been really helpful, and really patient with me as well, to be totally honest! And I spent hours on the phone with them, because they were our main go-between with Blackmagic Design, and were instrumental in being able to stretch our budget further than it was originally going to go.”

Mark Williams, senior media officer, Swansea City AFC.

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Who are Swansea City AFC? Arrow

Swansea AFC have been running since 1912, and are currently Capital One Cup winners and the Premier League’s first Welsh team. They got in touch with us in 2005 after moving to their current home, Liberty Stadium.

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