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Storage solutions that help creative teams collaborate, no matter what content your clients want

The first rule of survival? Never split up. You want your creative teams to be able to work collaboratively on projects, share resources and reuse assets. You also want them to be able to access all of your content quickly and easily, from a central system. All of which is getting harder as the number of codecs, formats, resolutions and delivery platforms you’re expected to contend with rises.

We’ve worked with the UK’s top creative companies for over 24 years, so can help you design and build a storage setup that meets your team’s needs now and has the potential to scale up as your business grows. Whether you need to consolidate your existing systems, increase your overall capacity so that you can pitch for bigger business, or have found that your back end storage isn’t compatible with end users’ machines, we can help.

To survive and thrive...

  • ...Don't get separated from the group

    Your team may like working locally, but if they keep all their files on personal computers and desktop drives, version control and approvals become difficult, you can’t monitor their backup behaviour and the risk of someone duplicating work when they could monetise existing assets is high.

    Moving up to NAS storage or a SAN with a good asset management solution will help ensure universal access to files and ensure that there’s a central, record of all work. As well as helping you develop a shared storage solution to suit your team, we can advise on nearline and offline storage for your rarely-used files and archived projects, which is cheaper in the long run than buying stacks of hard drives. More on this here.

  • ...Leave the old and the weak behind

    Video and digital work is increasingly part of every agency’s offering, and can put a strain on machines, storage volumes and networks that were chosen to deal with print work.

    As well as advising on specialist workstations, we can help you find higher density storage so you can handle larger files without upping your space and power costs. We can help you ensure fast read/write speeds when dealing with larger files, so staff aren’t stuck watching loading bars all day. And we can advise on shared storage designed specifically for this type of work, such as Avid’s Nexis range.

    Oh, and if you don’t see growth slowing down any time soon, we can perform regular health checks to ensure your network’s still robust.

  • ...Be realistic about the scale of what you need to do

    If you’re taking on jobs in the ‘4K and beyond’ bracket, make no mistake: you will need more storage than you think. You will need more media than you think on set. You will need more tapes for your insurance backups. And you will almost definitely need to take a look at your facility’s storage to ensure editors, colourists and the like can work as quickly as their software is capable of letting them.

    We can work with you to design storage for 4K and HDR workflows that makes the most of your existing infrastructure, and equip you with a high availability SAN to ensure you always have access to key resources, and collaboration is easy.

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Free Guide to Storage

We’ve put together a field guide to common storage issues, designed to help you negotiate the changes that come with the extra codecs, formats, resolutions and delivery platforms you’re expected to contend with. Inside:

  • How ditching local drives in favour of NAS will help your team stay productive.
  • How to prepare your storage for bringing video in-house.
  • How to ensure your storage network can cope with 4K footage.
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