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In case today’s the day that your server throws a tantrum or your core software decides it doesn’t like that upgrade you just performed, here are our team’s top tips and resources for when you hit a rough patch. Need more detail? Get in touch with the team on 03332 409 362 or at thrive@Jigsaw24.com.

  • Quiz: Is it time you upgraded your storage infrastructure?

    As businesses grow and take on new and more diverse creative work, it can put a real strain on old storage systems and networks. So could your business do with souping up in the storage stakes?
    Take our quick quiz to find out…

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  • Four questions to ask yourself when you’re choosing NAS

    If you’re currently relying on a cupboard full of hard drives to provide your creative team with storage, here are a raft of benefits that come with moving to network attached storage (NAS), including increased productivity, easier collaboration, and a reduced chance of a version control error ruining a print run or someone accidentally deleting your files.

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  • Your backup glossary

    While the perils of not having a proper backup solution are widely known (you’ll lose a lot of time and money if you suddenly can’t get at your application or files, basically), not everyone out there is clear on how to start implementing a plan, or what kind of backup strategy they need.

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  • Why you need backup for your devices AND your server

    We’re always bigging up backup for business, but nowadays, just having a device-based backup strategy won’t cut it. If your server suddenly went down, would your teams still be able to carry on working?

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  • Your guide to better backup: RPO and RTO explained

    There’s nothing this blog likes better than jargon-busting, and today we’ve got two key backup acronyms in our sights: RPO and RTO.

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