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It’s time to make sure every device on your network enjoys the same degree of compatibility and integration

In order to achieve their full potential in the brave new IT world, your end users need to able to work on their preferred platform and access files and services regardless of which device they’re using. At the same time, you don’t want your IT team flooded with calls from people who are trying to print from their personal iPad, or can’t see certain files on their Mac. On top of all that, you need full visibility over which devices are connected to your network and what permissions each has.

As an Apple Authorised Service Provider with over 24 years’ experience of the platform, we’re perfectly placed to help you integrate and manage Apple devices without coming across as Big Brother-ish. Not only can we help you get to grips with Apple’s own tools like DEP and VPP, we can set you up with third party device management solutions like JAMF Software’s Casper Suite (which we can provide as a managed and hosted solution).

Once you’ve got individual devices under control, we’ll help you make sure that macOS and iOS users can access file servers, printers, VPNs and other services as well as their PC counterparts, and even provide training for end users and tech teams who are new to the platform.

To survive and thrive...

  • ...Don't make any sudden movements

    New Apple devices arrive locked to the latest operating system, and once you’ve updated an existing device to the latest OS, there’s no way to roll back. This means careful planning is required before rolling out a new deployment or OS version.

    We can help with proof of concept trials and assessing the impact a new OS will have on your legacy systems, then advise on compatibility fixes and best practices for centralised deployment.

  • ...Don't panic

    If you’ve invested in hardware only to find that it doesn’t support your Apple estate, not all is lost. We can provide, configure and manage software solutions that can resolve issues like greyed out files, dropped printers, failed VPN links and more.

  • ...Watch out for rogue elements

    If you’re managing your Windows machines just fine but don’t have control over your iOS and macOS devices, we can help. Not only can we set you up with device management solutions, enrol your devices for you and provide training for your team, but we offer JAMF Software Casper Suite as a hosted, managed service, so all you need to do is tell us how you want your Mac computers to behave and we’ll take care on them on your behalf.

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Free Guide to Apple Services

We’ve put together a field guide to Apple Services, designed to help if you’re struggling with device management, Mac/PC integration or volcanic eruptions. Inside you'll find:

  • How to stay on top of your users’ OS versions.
  • Highlights on the five biggest benefits of our favourite device management solution, Jamf Pro.
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