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Whether it’s needed onsite, offsite, to tape or to the cloud, we’ve get your backup and archive options covered

You can’t save what you haven’t saved. Backup and archive are essential for business continuity in the event of hardware failure (or if your building happens to be the unlucky one in 700,000 after all).

Making sure backups are happening frequently enough to save key assets but fast enough not to impact application availability becomes more of a problem as you work with larger files and more complex projects. And if you’re moving into video work, you’re sure to have discovered an existing new range of insurance requirements that mandate how many copies of your media you must have, which drives up the amount of storage space you’ll need both on and offsite.

Even if you have an archive in place, there’s the question of continued access. If you’ve got content archived on DLT, .zip, jazz or LTO 3 and earlier, you may struggle to read and restore from it, and recovering lost files could take days.

We partner with a range of specialist storage vendors so we can offer a platform-agnostic solution to any backup or archive issue, from choosing a desktop drive to managing a tape library or implementing HSM. Our consultants will work with you to scope out your current needs and likely future developments, so you’re left with a system that has the capacity, flexibility and scalability to save what you need to, regardless of which platform your users are on, or what format you want to back up to.

To survive and thrive...

  • ...Keep the tape rolling

    Moving old projects to a hard drive and hiding them at the back of the cupboard doesn’t really constitute an archive solution. One hard drive failure, corruption or swift soak in Earl Grey and your company could lose hours upon hours of work – especially if you’re not backing up your archive. Besides that, forking out money for high cost, low volume storage like HDDs gets pricey pretty quickly. We can advise on small and large scale disk and tape libraries, that will not only allow you to archive more work in less space for less money, but which will make individual archived projects easier to retrieve and restore.

  • ...Never stay in one place too long

    It may seem like a great idea to back up your server straight to tape – it’s low cost, high volume storage that doesn’t decay, and you can restore from it in the event of a failure. But if you’re backing up a lot of material throughout the day, writing from the server to tape can really impact that server’s performance and mean a real slowdown for key services your end users rely on.

    Instead, try taking a stepped approach. Back up your server to disk storage, which is faster and will reduce the window of time needed for the initial copy to be made, and then from there you can copy to slower disks or a tape library as slowly as you like, without impacting the performance of your server.

  • ...Perform regular safety checks

    If you have an automated backup and archive solution in place, great! But we’d advise against just trusting that it’ll work seamlessly every time – this is your long-term archive of your work, and it’s best to be quite paranoid about its safety.

    We can develop testing and reporting workflows to give you greater visibility over the behaviour of your automated processes, and make sure you know as soon as one fails, rather than when you attempt to restore from it.

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  • SpectraLogic
  • Oracle
  • Code42
  • Acronis

Free Guide to Backup & Archive

Download our guide to backup and archive to find out more about all things backup, including whether you need onsite, offsite, tape or cloud backup, and how we can help you achieve a good backup workflow. Inside you'll find:

  • How to get started with formalising your backup, including Time Machine, cloud services and management software.
  • How to beat your backup window with low cost, high volume tape storage.
  • How to make sure you've got the files you need by testing your backups.
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