Case study

Moving S&W Design to Apple
and Mac OS X

When the design department of S&W Design decided they wanted to move from a PC setup to a Mac-based one, we provided them with the hardware, software and support during the introduction. We worked with S&WD’s CAD Development Manager Mark Couch and their senior IT Technical Support Analyst Sam Akroyd to help with problem solving and integration.

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Why did they come to us?
S&W Design wanted to move from PC hardware to Macs, and got in touch with us as they knew we provided excellent Mac support.

What did they need?
S&WD wanted to move from PCs to Macs, and needed someone to source new hardware, support them through a trial scheme and then facilitate a three-year programme to move all of their hardware over to the Mac platform.

How did we help?
We provided S&WD with nine high-spec iMacs and four MacBook Pros for their pilot scheme, all ready to run AutoCAD for Mac. We also helped their IT team configure Boot Camp and Parallels Desktop for users who would still need to connect to a Windows desktop virtually to use Revit.

As well as ensuring the company had a virtualisation solution that would support their existing PC software, we provided all the pilot scheme members with AutoCAD for Mac. We also developed a long term deployment plan to solve some initial build issues, and ensure future software updates and installations could be easily controlled by the IT team.

What were the benefits?
The company can now use powerful, reliable Mac hardware without experiencing any performance lags. Users on Macs and PCs can still collaborate on projects during the three year Mac rollout, and the company has full support for any challenges they encounter.

“The Jigsaw24 team have been a great and reliable help. Already the impact
 of the Apple hardware has made a positive impression on the business, promoting our professional approach with high performance kit.”

Mark Couch, CAD Development Manager, S&W Design.

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