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Leeds City Council readies the next
generation of creative pros

For the past 14 years, Studio12 has been giving the young people of Leeds access to industry-standard equipment, teaching them the skills they need to work behind the scenes in the city’s burgeoning media sector. Leeds City Council have seats on various industry bodies, and use this to get insight into what software, hardware and skills their users will need to master, before teaming up with us to work out how to implement these without breaking the bank.

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What did they need?
In order to keep up with the demands of the industry, the studio needed to update their camera equipment to 4K, update their network and storage so they could handle 4K files, and upgrade the Macs they’d be working on.

How did we help?
We helped them design a new infrastructure for their Mac lab, then installed the system from the underlying network up to high-spec Macs and the latest hardware, while also providing specialist creative software, audio equipment and cameras.

What were the benefits?

  • Young people working in the studio now have access to industry-standard technology, and are learning relevant skills.
  • Staff have access to the latest tools in order to teach those skills, and re-skill themselves.
  • A well-managed rollout means that users have been able to work seamlessly throughout the installation of the new kit.
  • The studio can shoot, edit and grade 4K footage in realtime.

“Jigsaw24 have been really good at understanding our relationship to both the council and the film industry. If you’re working with film, they’re a very professional and helpful company to get involved with and they know that process from start to finish.”

Jamie Hutchison, Manager, Studio12.

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Studio12 is a free production facility based in Leeds Library and Information Service. The facility has been running for 14 years, during which time it has given hundreds of young people access to equipment, software, resources and training in media for free.