Stephenson Memorial Primary School Case Study

Improving Ofsted grades
at Stephenson Memorial

Stephenson Memorial Primary School is a thriving school in North Tyneside serving over 425 pupils in what is, historically, an area of high deprivation. Despite incredibly hardworking, dedicated staff and a fantastic learning environment, their SATs results were barely meeting national floor targets. The school decided to turn to iPad purchase scheme in an attempt to engage whole families in their children’s learning. The result? A massive jump in Points Progress and APS and SATs results above floor levels, exceeding expectations.

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Despite having incredibly hard working staff and a fantastic learning environment, Stephenson Memorial Primary School were still struggling to hit national averages, so they took part in an iPad purchase scheme to help whole families engage in learning.

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What did they need?
A way to engage pupils and their families to improve learning in the classroom and at home.

How did we help?
We helped the school set up their iPad@MyPad student purchase scheme, which allows students in Key Stage 2 to take part in an iPad 1:1 scheme. They also have iPad class sets in Key Stage 1 and EYFS, and teachers work with iPad, MacBook Air and Apple TV to deliver modern, engaging and varied lesson plans.

What were the benefits?

  • The original Year 5 cohort made 4.6 Points Progress in writing, compared to 1.8 points in the previous year.
  • Year 4 students with iPad are a term ahead of the previous year in terms of attainment.
  • Parents are able to support their children’s learning at home.
  • Teachers are able to flip learning by sending lesson plans and content in advance.
  • Teachers are able to provide access to technology and resources the children would not have experienced otherwise.
  • Students are able to collaborate beyond the school day

“Jigsaw24 are a fun, friendly company. They’re very approachable and very efficient, and you get a personal service, which we really like. I’m the director of the North Tyneside Learning Trust, and I’ve been recommending Jigsaw24 at every opportunity.”

Emma Overton, Headteacher, Stephenson Memorial Primary School.

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Stephenson Memorial Primary School in Wallsend serves 425 pupils from nursery age to Year 6. They aim to provide an education promoting the academic, physical, spiritual and social development of each child.