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Preparing music students for industry with
Apple and Avid at St Edmund's Catholic School

St Edmund’s Catholic School are a specialist arts college who combine their A Level Music Technology course with a fully fledged commercial recording studio. Aware that their Pro Tools setup was getting long in the tooth, head of music Ken Peers asked us to help him move to a more mobile Mac setup in order to improve the studio’s (and students’) location recording capabilities.

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Why did they come to us?
St Edmund’s had been relying on the same Apple G5 and Pro Tools HD 2 recording setup for several years and, while Ken was happy with the system’s performance, he was concerned about the fact that his ageing system no longer received official support from Apple or Avid, and that no replacement standalone computer with PCIe slots seemed forthcoming.

What did they need?
The school’s Pro Tools setup was getting long in the tooth, and they needed an up to date setup that they could rely on during professional sessions as well as lessons.

How did we help?
We kitted them out with a new Pro Tools HDX setup based around a MacBook Pro and Thunderbolt Magma 3T chassis, then added plug-ins and control surfaces to ensure everyone could get involved.

What were the benefits?
• Students now have an up to date setup that lets them learn industry applicable skills.
• This laptop-based setup allows them to try their hand at location recording (and head off to professional sessions with a familiar setup).
• The school can offer a more comprehensive service to its commercial customers, gaining additional revenue.

“I’ve been able to phone up Jigsaw24 and they’ve always pointed me in the right direction, and they always come back to me and make sure I’ve solved problems completely. It’s good to get a foot in at the highest level and take risks [like we did with this system], but it’s important to know you can pick up the phone and talk to someone who’ll have a good answer. We know a certain amount here at the sharp end, but we don’t know it all, and it’s nice to have it in the back of your mind that Jigsaw24 are there.”

Ken Peers, Head of music, St Edmund’s High School.

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St Edmund’s Catholic High School is a specialist college for the arts in Dover, and combines a secondary school, sixth form and full scale commercial recording studio.