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A proper digital strategy is going to help you improve training, reach new fans, gain new sponsors and provide better hospitality experiences, all while generating extra revenue. At Jigsaw24, we work with some of the UK’s largest broadcasters and sports teams to help clubs create their own content, share it with fans and sponsors and ensure the workflow is simple, manageable and profitable. Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help. BOOK A MEETING NOW
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Instant replay with 3Play from NewTek
Find out how NewTek improved their industry-leading 3Play replay system.
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The only live streaming solution you'll ever need
Download our guide to NewTek Tricaster, the world's leading live streaming solution.
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Find out how Swansea City are beating Premiership seconds
(and improving training, keeping the press sweet and engaging with fans)
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5 reasons to take control of your digital strategy
  • Shoot your footage and broadcast it your way
  • Deliver more effective training
  • Get in touch with mobile devices
  • Get more from your existing resources
  • Broader audience, more sponsorship opportunities

Shoot your footage and broadcast it your way

Don’t be dependent on other people’s coverage for your footage. Record footage and you can stream replays live around the stadium or online, send streams directly to coaches, create your own post-match analysis or share premium content with fans for a fee (and you can sell advertising on all those channels too).

As well as the streaming and replay solutions themselves, we can advise on cabling and infrastructure to help you support outside broadcast and meet league seconds.

Top pick NewTek TriCaster lets you record, stream, save and display footage at the same time in realtime. There’s no easier way to manage your footage on match day, and you can even add effects and transitions to replays with NewTek’s industry leading replay technology, 3Play. View our complete range of solutions

Deliver more effective training

Engaging interactive content is going to be fun for your fans, but it’ll also help your training team. Our AV team can work with you to combine 2D and 3D projection with animation, interactive controls, video and audio content to create a complete immersive environment, or set you up with a digital signage system that makes it easier for you to share information and footage throughout your facilities. NewTek’s 3Play replay system is a powerful setup that not only lets you trigger replays in realtime during matches, but record and play back content for analysis post-match, or to give specific feedback during training.

Top pick CTOUCH interactive displays act like giant iPad, allowing you to present interactively and annotate footage as it’s analysed. View our complete range of solutions

Get in touch with mobile devices

Smartphones and tablets mean you can now deliver audio, video and other content anywhere at any time. Whether you want to make game clips available online or need a scheduling app to keep your staff organised, we can help you to set up and manage mobile devices, then deliver apps to the App Store or internally. We even have our own app development team who can design an app around your team.

Not sure how to manage your team’s mobile devices? We can work with your technical staff to roll out an MDM (mobile device management) solution that suits your working style, or host the service ourselves so there’s no extra strain on your team. We can help with device registration, configuration, permissions, security, remote wipes and more, so you can always be confident that any devices on your network are under control.

Top pick We can help you develop your own app from the ground up, whether that’s for staff or fans. Click here to find out how we can help. View our complete range of solutions

Get more from your existing resources

Developing an asset management system is the first step towards getting the most out of your media. We can help you develop an archive platform that consolidates all your digitised assets and a management solution that lets you find, edit and reuse each piece more easily, before rolling out an online player or store that makes the content available to everyone (for free or for a fee). We can also work with you to optimise your existing IT infrastructure for video routing and delivery.

Top pick We’re big fans of axle, a system that makes it easy for you to organise large collections spanning multiple formats. Contact to find out more. View our complete range of solutions

Broader audience, more sponsorship opportunities

If you’ve got a large collection of video clips and stills, we can help you open that content up to the public and turn a profit on it. We can help you develop white label stock footage stores and apps that will allow visitors to your site to view, buy and download video, audio and images from your collection, either for free or for a fee.

Top pick Enterprise TV, a branded web interface and iOS/Android app that provides scheduled streaming and video on demand. Find out more. View our complete range of solutions
Introducing the LiveXpert series
Engage directly with your audience, while simplifying the process of production. The LiveXpert Series lets you extend your TriCaster’s already-impressive capabilities: pause playblack to draw on the screen for in-depth analysis, add stats in realtime and integrate social media responses into your broadcast, all instantly and to an incredibly high standard. Here’s what you need to know about the range.

  • LiveCG Broadcast – iVGA and SDI versions
  • LiveCG Football
  • LiveMixer
  • LiveTally
  • Finger Works
Adds multi-layered, realtime character generation to your TriCaster setup, so you can have numerous animations and text on the same screen at the same time. Need to update stats mid-game? LiveCG can update screen graphics automatically based on spreadsheets. Need to add scrolling text? The Social Hub option can generate crawling or rolling text or pictures from SMS messages, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and RSS feeds.

Ever wondered how they do all those onscreen stats for football players on TV? LiveCG Football enables broadcasters to quickly collect any information from the game – ball possession, shots on target, bad passes – and instantly recall those for any specific player or moment. Enhance your viewers’ experience and your advertisers’ exposure with scoreboards, timers, statistics and animated logos.

LiveMixer lets you control your TriCaster’s internal audio mixer remotely, using another computer or a dedicated audio mixer. But it’s not just a control panel – the AutoSwitch function works like a digital assistant, triggering functions and TriCaster Macros automatically when a specific audio level is detected (no brown note jokes, please).

The humble tally light is brought into the 21st century! LiveTally Air is a wireless tally system that works on a little-used radio frequency, ensuring it won’t clash with anything else. As well as a large red light on the front for ‘the talent’, it also has smaller lights on the rear for the camera operator and an extra light unit that can be placed almost anywhere, in case the camera operator isn’t working behind the camera.

LiveTally Remote is exactly the same but hardwired, and LiveTally Converter lets cameras with different tally systems work with your TriCaster.
Developed with Telestrator, Finger Works is every sports pundit’s favourite tool for half time analysis. Play the game to the crunch moment, pause it, and then draw all over the screen in realtime! Circle key players, draw arrows directing where they should have gone, write text, then hit play to reveal how it actually panned out. An essential tool for coaching, presenting, or any other kind of analysis. Finger Works is available as a standalone version, or a version optimised for TriCaster.

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