Case study

Using iPad and Aruba to motivate
staff and develop learning at
Sound & District Primary School

When Sound & District Primary School decided to differentiate themselves from other schools in the area by rolling out a 1:1 iPad scheme, they knew two things: they’d need to get staff up to speed, and they’d need to increase their WiFi’s capacity and coverage. Luckily, our e7 project and Aruba WiFi solution fit the bill perfectly...

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What did they need?
A robust, easy to manage WiFi network to support their 1:1 iPad rollout.

How did we help?
As well as providing Sound & District with iPad through our e7 scheme, we designed and installed an intelligent Aruba WiFi setup that delivered the coverage and capacity they needed.

What were the benefits?
iPad has helped the school motivate staff and improve communication across school, resulting in staff using iPad features and apps to hit key development goals in phonics and self-assessment. Aruba has given the school increased capacity and coverage, meaning they can get the most out of their devices. Aruba also use the school’s existing cabling and switches, so has helped them save on the cost of the rollout.

"Jigsaw24 did some whole school training with us before we got iPad, and our regional education manager has done quite a few drop-in sessions. If ever there’s a problem we drop him a line and he nips in at lunchtime, and that’s gone down well with staff"

Kirsty Newton, deputy head, Sound & District Primary School

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A 118-strong primary school in Cheshire, Sound & District’s staff deliver a broad and balanced curriculum designed to nurture every aspect of a child’s development.

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