Case study

Multi-platform coverage
of live events at SIS LIVE

SIS LIVE are the UK and Ireland’s leading satellite uplink and outside broadcast (OB) provider, and have worked with the likes of the BBC, ESPN and Sky to provide OB solutions for every imaginable type of event. When they decided they wanted to offer users a
more compact mobile recording solution without losing multi-platform broadcasting capabilities, they came to us for advice.

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Mobile recording solutions
SIS wanted to give users the ability to provide multi-platform coverage of live events without having to find space for a full-blown OB truck. After taking a look at some mobile recording solutions (and getting our measuring tape out), we recommended NewTek’s TriCaster Broadcast.

Despite being big enough to fit in a backpack, TriCaster can handle up to six camera inputs
at different aspect ratios and lets you stream, project, broadcast or record your footage live, meaning users could provide comprehensive coverage of any live event for broadcast or live web streaming.

TriCaster also supports high-quality audio mixing and live chromakey, allowing SIS’s clients
to deliver a professional-looking end product with very little equipment. To make it easier for production teams to work smoothly in such a small space, we added the NewTek Live Control, which would give users one-click control over inputs and enable faster, tighter editing of the different streams, and the TimeWarp controller, which lets you select, mark and replay clips at various speeds. This is a big help when you’re providing coverage of live events, especially if you want to screen highlights or instant replays around the venue.

High bitrate streaming
The ‘SISCaster’ was a big hit with OB crews, and proved so successful it’s since been updated to a full HD version, complete with the new TriCaster TCXD850 and the latest VSAT technology, so users can stream footage at virtually any bit rate and in virtually any format.

“SIS LIVE is at the forefront
of OB provision covering some of the most high profile events on the global calendar. With SISCaster, we have brought together our considerable experience in both broadcasting and IP via satellite provision to create a truly unique product that we believe will change the face of live content delivery. It has already been demonstrated to a number of our high profile clients and is proving a great success.”

David Meynell, Managing Director of SIS LIVE

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SIS LIVE are one of the leading outside broadcast providers in the UK and Ireland, providing services to the BBC, Sky and more.