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We know that trying to coordinate services from multiple vendors, service providers and consultancies generates more admin than its worth, which is why we strive to offer a comprehensive set of solutions, services and managed services that provide end-to-end support for your company’s IT requirements. Our knowledge of infrastructure, cross-platform integration and creative workflows means that we can design a complete solution that aligns all of your networks and systems to make sure everything works together – even if (brace yourselves) you’re not just using Apple kit.

  • While most solutions providers can help you out with either the Apple or Windows side of your setup, we have 20 years’ experience developing workflows that marry the two, from the underlying infrastructure and storage needed to get things up and running, to software licensing and device management.


    With our expertise in AD integration, desktop management and the myriad of ways to get Windows on a Mac, we can help you integrate Apple into your existing environment irrespective of its current makeup. We offer a range of solutions from different vendors, with something for every platform. Read more

    A clear strategy for managing mobile devices is crucial, and our solutions can help you design a policy, deploy and manage devices, updates, corporate apps and more. We can advise on Apple’s own tools or third party solutions, and can even provide mobile device management as a managed service. Read more

    Apps offer you a fantastic opportunity to conceive or reimagine business processes with mobile-optimised tools that can integrate with back office and CRM systems. Our team of developers can create iOS, Android and web apps, purchasing portals or interactive brochures and presentations. Read more

    Maintaining, growing and refreshing your core IT is a continuous and time-consuming process. That’s why we’ll take care of it for you. As well as training and support, we can offer advice on strategy and system design, server and storage virtualisation, cloud migration, security and mobility. Read more

    After 20 years in the business, we know how important it is that creative workstations just work. Our teams in Soho, MediaCityUK and Nottingham can work with your team to deliver end-to-end support for your creative workflow, from the initial design through to ongoing support and maintenance. Read more

  • We work with 25,000 of the UK’s top corporate and creative companies, and so we know that every organisation’s IT needs are unique. Our accredited engineers and experienced consultants work in tandem with your team, providing top notch services to ensure that whatever you need is there whenever you need it.


    We can advise on every aspect of your pipeline and the hardware and software it relies on, helping you develop a workflow that’s futureproof and bottleneck-free. We can find you accredited hardware for your key software, build platform-agnostic systems to help with everything from ingest to archiving, and provide the best possible support.

    Our Nottingham office is centrally located and contains £6m worth of stock in a 33,000 sq ft warehouse, so if you need next business day delivery on an item, we’ve got it – we also hold stock in London so you can order and collect the same day. We even keep stock of cables, drives and other peripherals in our Soho customer experience centre.

    We can perform soak and burn testing on your new hardware here at Jigsaw24 HQ. We’ll then configure it before shipping (including image deployments and application packaging) so that it arrives at your facility ready to plug and play. All our workstations and other hardware can be delivered to desk and integrated with existing systems and devices.

    Our bespoke support contracts can be tailored to your requirements and in-house capabilities, including advance replacements for key components. They can cover: phone, email, remote and onsite support; SLAs; guaranteed response and break-fix times; emergency replacements and regular ‘health checks’ to spot problems before they arise.

    We provide AppleCare or our own four year warranties for Apple devices, which also covers loan kit during repairs. We can carry out in-warranty and out of warranty repairs at any of our three locations. We also provide a managed repairs service for anyone with a high device turnover.

  • Our Tier 2+ UK datacentre is ideal for anyone looking to save money, space and time while guaranteeing acceptable levels of access for offsite storage or backup. Our accredited team can handle processes like MDM for you, so you don’t have to retrain your existing staff.

    Managed services

    Introducing any new technology into your organisation takes up valuable IT resources. Our managed device services are designed to get pre-configured, pre-staged devices deployed to your organisation, enrolled in our hosted, managed MDM solution and with corportate apps preinstalled and managed. Read more

    Keep your files secure, backed up and in working order without having to invest in expensive onsite storage and take on the associated space, power, cooling and staffing costs. We host data at a UK datacentre and check drives daily, so if you have any questions or concerns, our team are just a phone call away. Read more

    If you’ve invested in Apple resources and want to fully utilise and make the most of them, you should consider outsourcing your Apple support. It takes the hassle out of managing and supporting your tech, and can seriously save you money too. We offer three levels of support for different sizes of deployment. Read more

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