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Over the past 20 years, we’ve worked with over 25,000 customers. To give you an idea of just some of the solutions and services that we’ve provided around Apple products, here are a few of our most recent customer stories.

Kris and Romero

Making the move to Mac at Great Bridge Primary School

Why did they come to us?

The teachers at Great Bridge Primary School wanted their IT equipment to be more fun for pupils and less hassle for teachers. Deputy head, Marie Fellows, who had already seen the benefits of using Apple computers in a previous school, suggested that Great Bridge turn to Mac.

What did they need?

A suite of all-purpose computers that would be easy for staff to manage and fun for the school’s students to use.

How did we help?

We set Great Bridge up with 15 iMacs, all loaded with iLife and iWork software suites, and an Apple Xserve to manage them all. We also sourced still and video cameras and creative software like Comic Life, so students could start creating their own videos.

Why did they come to us?

The school now has a suite of up-to-date, reliable Macs that pupils can use across the curriculum, and which staff can manage with minimal effort. Staff can also use the cameras and creative software to get pupils involved in engaging, creative projects and promote teamwork

Great Bridg
Apple iMac

New Mac Media suites at Lyndon School

When Lyndon School in Solihull contacted us for help with setting up a new media suite, we put together a team of our consultants to work with them throughout the project.

Why did they come to us?

When Lyndon School were updating their media suite, they decided they wanted to add new Macs to the setup and got in touch with our education team for advice on choosing the right hardware.

What did they need?

A collection of Macs to add to their media suite, plus backup and storage solutions to ensure students’ work was kept safe.

How did we help?

We suggested iMacs combined with Apple’s Xserve to give Lyndon School the best performance without taking up too much space. We also set them up with PresStore to manage their backups and a range of educational software to help kick start media creation, including Comic Life, Adobe CS4, QuarkXPress and Kudlian’s I Can Animate.

What were the benefits?

Lyndon School’s students now have access to the latest hardware and software for multimedia work, including industry standards like Adobe Creative Suite, and staff have a reliable backup management system that drastically reduces the chance of students losing work before exam day!

"We are all very happy with the results; the new Macs are in constant use and the system works really well. We will definitely be contacting Jigsaw24 for any future consultancy we need at Lyndon. "

Olan Adeyemi, ICT Manager, Lyndon School


Apple iMac

Integrating Macs on a PC Network at Moat Farm School

Moat Farm School wanted a number of Macs that would be used throughout their school. Two suites of MacBooks would be set up for teaching creative classes, using applications like iMovie and GarageBand. These MacBooks needed to be portable and connected over a wireless network, at both the lower and upper schools.

What did they need?

A number of Macs would need to be introduced into the ICT suite for use with standard applications, such as MS Office. They needed to be capable of ‘dual-booting’ into Windows XP or Mac OS X, so that staff and students could have the best of both worlds. Moat Farm also wanted several MacBooks to be available specifically for teachers, again using a dual-boot system. Members of staff had to be able to access the entire portfolio of applications used by the school, so we made this a priority.

Underlying all of these requirements was the necessity for the new Macs to work well with the existing PC network, and meet the school’s guidelines for computer security.

How did we help?

The Jigsaw24 team started by providing an Apple Xserve server with RAID storage, which was fully configured, installed and integrated into the school’s network. We created and deployed four different computer images onto the Macs, which were all integrated into the Windows Active Directory network management software.

To complete the project, our experts locked down the computers using the Apple server and supplied Moat Farm with all the peripherals they needed, from camcorders to iPods.

What were the benefits?

By the time our team had finished working with Moat Farm School, every requirement had been met. Students and staff are now able to individually login and access the school network and the Internet, regardless of whether they are using a Mac or PC. All of the Macs have since been configured for printing and portable home folders have been set up to automatically save students’ work when they log off. As well as receiving training from our experts, the staff at Moat Farm have the advantage of our ongoing support if they need any advice in the future. es, and can access them via a user-friendly, cross-platform GUI.

Moat Farm
Mac rollout

A Mac-based music department at Rugby School

With an ever-increasing number of pupils taking a keen interest in Music Technology, and with Logic (their sequencing software of choice) no longer available for the PC platform, Rugby School’s music department decided to replace their PCs with 22 iMacs running Logic, Sibelius and GarageBand.

Why did they come to us?

Rugby School had always used Macs for composing and sequencing, but when Apple withdrew Logic from the PC platform, the school wanted to install 22 new iMacs and move their department entirely onto Mac.

What did they need?

A large suite of reliable, up-to-date Macs capable of running the latest music software.

How did we help?

We provided 22 iMacs running Sibelius and Logic, and provide the school with ongoing support.

What were the benefits?

Rugby School have music suites which are capable of catering to students of a variety of ages and abilities – students can even use the iMacs’ built-in GarageBand, iMovie and iPhoto software to create multimedia presentations. The suites are simple to manage and back up, ensuring students’ work is always secure.

Rugby logo

Rugby Mac suite

Inspiring students across the curriculum with iPad at Weston College

The music department at Weston College decided to help students improve their performance skills by creating a custom app that would allow them to take part in guitar, drum and bass lessons over the web or on an iPad. After we set them up with Sony Z5 cameras and several iPad 2 devices, they were able to put together a professional-looking app, and roll it out not only at the college, but to several secondary schools in the area.

Why did they come to us?

Hit by falling budgets and rising student numbers, the music faculty at Weston College decided to create video lessons and an iPad app, iTutorus, so that students could learn independently.

What did they need?

Cameras, editing tools and iPad devices to allow their music department to create and deliver an iPad app (and so that media students could brush up their camera skills).

How did we help?

We provided Weston’s media department with Sony Z5 cameras and sourced iPad 2 devices for their music department and some feeder schools.

What were the benefits?

Students in the college and its feeder schools can now use the iTutorus app to learn independently, revisiting content or learning ahead of the class schedule. Tutors can monitor individual progress and provide more specific feedback than before, even though they’re working with larger classes.

"We’ve been working directly with Brett at Jigsaw24, and he’s been constantly solid, dependable and positive. Whenever we’ve had any equipment needs, he’s always been there to advise us, he always gets us the best price and whenever there have been any problems he’s been very quick to respond."

Paul Raymond Curriculum Manager, Weston College.

Weston College

Weston college students
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Teaching through iPad apps at Weston College

Prefer video?

Jigsaw24 stepped in to help Weston College, who having been hit by a combination of growing student numbers and budget cuts, decided to put together their own teaching app. The result was iTutorus, enabling the creation of practical music tutorials that students could review in their own time. click to see more case study videos