Case study

A Mac-based music department
at Rugby School

With an ever-increasing number of pupils taking a keen interest in Music Technology, and with Logic (their sequencing software of choice) no longer available for the PC platform, Rugby School’s music department decided to replace their PCs with 22 iMacs running Logic, Sibelius and GarageBand.

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Why did they come to us?
Rugby School had always used Macs for composing and sequencing, but when Apple withdrew Logic from the PC platform, the school wanted to install 22 new iMacs and move their department entirely onto Mac.

What did they need?
A large suite of reliable, up-to-date Macs capable of running the latest music software.

How did we help?
We provided 22 iMacs running Sibelius and Logic, and provide the school with ongoing support.

What were the benefits?
Rugby School have music suites which are capable of catering to students of a variety of ages and abilities – students can even use the iMacs’ built-in GarageBand, iMovie and iPhoto software to create multimedia presentations. The suites are simple to manage and back up, ensuring students’ work is always secure.

"It’s an added bonus that they can very easily export the finished product into a cross-platform movie format and, of course, they are ideal for displaying at parents’ meetings.”

Michael Martin, Music Teacher, Rugby School.

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Rugby Mac suite

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Rugby is an all round co-educational school in Warwickshire. The school prides themselves on their excellent academic record, strong links to the local community and connections to industry.