• Managed iPad in-store

    Arming sales assistants with iPad might look cool, but it’s not just a fad. According to a recent survey, 80% of retailers who currently use mobile devices in-store report that they have increased sales, and uptake is on the rise, with the percentage of retailers using tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices in-store expected to double. More than just a fancy way of presenting product information to customers, iPad brings a more interactive multitouch aspect to your POS, helps you bust queues, improve conversion and reduce print costs of brochures.

    Why iPad in-store?

    • Reduce dropped baskets by having instant access to product information for customers.
    • Provide a personal shop assistant customer experience to customers.
    • Sales assistants can close deals on the shop floor, providing instant stock and feedback.
    • A reliable, secure, tried and tested platform.
    • No need to replace existing system, as we can tailor to your store and existing systems.

    How can we help?

    We offer iPad services including design and consultancy around iPad to support your business needs, pre-flighting of devices with all your corporate apps and settings prior to supply, employee training including tech bars and workshops, support contracts to ensure business continuity with next business day swapouts and replacement, and mobile device management…

    Mobile device management from Jigsaw24

    Our mobile device management services aim to give you a single, centralised overview of your estate, no matter how many locations or platforms it covers. We make onboarding new devices easy, so new users can get up to speed quicker. You get instant updates and application deployment to ensure all your end users are on the latest, approved version of key apps. And we provide remote control of security, settings and data access from the moment a device joins your network, so you’re always legally compliant.

Get in touch with the team or download our iPad payment system whitepaper.
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    Jigsaw24 for retail brochure
  • Jigsaw24 iPad payment system whitepaper
    Jigsaw24 iPad payment system whitepaper
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