• Custom apps and proximity tech

    It seems these days just about every business has its own app available on the App Store. But a lot of them don’t really offer much in terms of engagement. If you really want to entice and inform customers, build brand loyalty and add social sharing to your customer experience, a bespoke app is the way forward. In-house apps let you ‘micro-clientele’, creating at 360 degree view of your client’s browsing and spending patterns in order to offer them relevant advice, deals and recommendations when they’re in store, either on their mobile device or from a sales associate. All the while improving efficiency, product understanding, and customer interactions and transactions.

    In addition, Apple’s latest iOS devices now come with built-in iBeacon technology, a new way to provide location-based information and services through Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology. iBeacon works by pushing content through a small Bluetooth transmitter known as a ‘beacon’ to apps installed on iPad and other iOS devices. This is great for retailers as you can then use iBeacon technology to deliver tailored special offers, stock availability or personalised content direct to customers’ devices as soon as they’re in range.

    Why a custom app for retail?

    • Improved customer journey, linking online and offline, in-store and mobile.
    • Completely personalised pricing, offers and marketing.
    • Improved customer loyalty.
    • Better customer retargeting through CRM integration and tracking.
    • Increased conversions with in-store and online interaction.
    • Increased traffic through customers sharing your brand via social media content and engagement.

    Why iBeacon proximity technology?

    • Increased sales through a more informed sales team
    • Inform, entice and convert passersby into customers by delivering discounts and offers when they’re in near range of your iBeacon.
    • Transact and monitor completed sales by placing your iBeacon at the tills.
    • Retarget customers on their way out, remind and reward them for returning.
    • Track trends and collect data to determine what areas of the store your customers are visiting and how long they spend there.

    Why in-house employee apps?

    • Entice customers and increase traffic in-store by pushing out notifications to potential customers when they’re in range of your iBeacon.
    • Inform, entice and convert passersby and queues busted.
    • Improved access to stock management, inventory and predictions, with logistics and live stock awareness based on GPS and delivery tracking.

    How can we help?

    Our team of developers can create iOS, Android and web apps, purchasing protals or interactive brochures and presentations, and offer support throughout the lifecycle of your app and subsequent iterations. Our integrated mobility solutions have seen tremendous ROI.

    Some of the other technologies we can provide include: Apple-centric ePOS and mPOS, managed iPad solutions, intelligent WiFi, proximity technology, and digital content creation, as well as our own management information system, and our PIM and CMS solution, MatrixCMS.

Get in touch with the team or download our iPad payment system whitepaper.
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    Jigsaw24 for retail brochure
  • Jigsaw24 iPad payment system whitepaper
    Jigsaw24 iPad payment system whitepaper
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