Case study

Building an IPTV studio
at Racing Post

When the Racing Post decided it was time to make the move from print to video 
and set up their own IPTV channel, our broadcast team helped them design a full studio, along with an outside broadcast solution that would let them shoot, edit and chromakey in the field.

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Why did they come to us?
As the Racing Post’s online following grew, they decided they wanted to create their own video content, and stream live feeds from major races on their website.

What did they need?
The Post team wanted to set up their own IPTV channel and provide coverage, analysis and tips on big events. As well as converting a section of their Canary Wharf offices into a full scale TV studio, they wanted to shoot and edit in the field, and stream live footage on their website in realtime, complete with live chromakey.

How did we help?
Our consultants helped design a studio space that would support the Racing Post workflow, and provided equipment that would form the backbone of the studio, including a ceiling-mounted lighting rig with DMX controller, a wireless talkback system with discrete in-ear monitoring and a teleprompter. We also developed an on-loocation with them that included Sony’s EX1 cameras and Anycast mixer, and provided in-depth training on the entire system.

What were the benefits?
The Racing Post’s team have an end-to-end XDCAM workflow, so can transfer, edit and stream footage efficiently either on location or in their studio. The team have a fully-functioning studio, completely with infinity curve chromakey wall, which makes it easier for them to carry out seamless, shadow-free keys, and visitors to the Racing Post site can now access richer, realtime information about races and events.

“The advice and guidance from the experts at Jigsaw24 was invaluable as we embarked on the ambitious studio project. But looking back now some three
years later it’s difficult to know of anything we would have done differently. 
It wasn’t just their on-the- spot expertise that helped us achieve our goal. The advice and feedback we continue to receive from them even this far down the line is exceptional.”

Rob Watson, Racing Post.

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Racing Post studio
Racing Post studio
Racing Post studio

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