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On a practical level, iPad has countless applications within public sector organisations – from accessing patient records from anywhere to simplifying the lives of planning officers on site. Here we run through some common ways to use it, and recommend apps to help you get the most from it.

  • iPad for government
  • iPad for NHS
  • iPAd for blue light

iPad for local government

With iPad there’s no need to be bogged down in endless amounts of paperwork – it’s the ultimate tool for digital working. Rather than having to fill out forms and documents, then have to transfer them to a computer, everything can be done on iPad. This means that more staff are able to benefit from working at home or remotely. For example:

•  Environment and planning officers can submit photos when visiting a site, saving them straight to a central server or sharing them with colleagues, rather than having to wait to upload them to a computer when they’re back in the office.

•  Interactive visual surveys can be put together that make use of the user interface on iPad. Results can then be automatically synced and downloaded.

•  Admin teams can fill in digital forms or documents rather than having to manually do paper versions that are scanned in and a hard copy filed.

Recommended apps…

Pages app

Pages, Numbers and Keynote for working on office documents (£6.99 each or free on iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display) are great for dealing with Microsoft Office documents on iPad, and are the most fully-featured mobile option available.


MobileEcho app

mobilEcho for accessing and sharing files (Get in touch with us for pricing) is an enterprise-level solution to file sharing workarounds. It gives iPad and iPhone users secure and managed access (via AD authentication) to files that are stored on youtr file servers.


Quicktapsurvey app

QuickTapSurvey for conducting surveys (Free) is an easy to use tool for conducting market research and getting feedback from groups of people. The surveys themselves have to be created online, but the app gives you a visual and simple user interface for compiling information.


iPad for NHS

With the NHS going digital and more focus on having computerised patient records, it’s important to provide staff with the right tools for accessing them. iPad helps eradicate many of the previous problems around adopting a new technology. As well as being incredibly intuitive, it gives users access to records from literally anywhere. For example:

•  GPs can access patient records from both behind their desk in the practice or doing home visits. With iPad it would be possible to administer digital prescriptions, refer to guides and access referral letters on a single device.

•  Paramedics can use iPad to view emergency information when out responding. As well as being able to receive detailed information about an emergency on the device, they can access a full medical history on scene.

•  Hospital staff can use iPad to order tests, view x-rays and more, all in realtime while doing their rounds.

Recommended apps…

Reference NHS app

Reference NHS for clinical coding guidance (£1.99) is an all-in-one solution for clinicians, clinical coders and finance staff that puts an end to the constant trawling through reference manuals and code/description manuals. Regular updates ensure that the app data is current.


Drug Calculations app

Adult Drug Calculations for drug calculations (Free) is designed for nurses and midwives who are either new to practice, adapting to practice in the UK or returning to practice. It teaches the formula to calculate the number of millimetres for infusions and boluses of drugs, calculate mms per hour and more.



NICE BNF for prescribing and administering medication (Free) is an offline reference app that’s only available to NHS staff in England, Scotland and Wales. Once signed into the app using an NHS Athens username and password, you have access to up to date information from the British National Formulary.


iPad for blue light

While iPad for the police and fire brigade is a relatively new idea over here, trials are taking place around the country. If you need access to realtime information, iPad really is the best solution. For example:

•  iPad can be used to get directions to incidents, and then for assessing the location and any potential problems that might be faced on arrival.

•  Fire teams can stream video back to the station for a second opinion on the best tactic to take or to assess if further resource is needed.

•  Police and fire crews can notify the public through social media platforms and other online forums quickly and easily, or use those platforms to find additional information on an incident before arrival.

Recommended apps…

Pages app

First Aid by British Red Cross for a first aid refresher (Free) is a good little app for brushing up on first aid skills. It includes simple step-by-step advice and tests based around common medical problems. There’s full offline access so all the content is stored on the actual device, rather than needing constant internet access.


MobileEcho app

iTranslate for breaking language barriers (Free) is an invaluable tool in that it allows you to translate English into over 60 different languages. Available for both iPad and iPhone, it includes voice recognition (in the Premium version only), which allows you to speak your text into the app, and a text-to-speech function for reading translations aloud.


Quicktapsurvey app

Field Contact for documenting contacts (£2.99) is a great tool for documenting every aspect of a contact’s appearance. You can input all physical information – from age and race to tattoos – and include a photo, vehicle registration and more. The database of contacts is secured by password, can be searched or emailed. No need for a pen and paper again.


Featured app services Arrow

Apps developed for your organisation

If you want to get the most from iPad, the best solution is to develop a custom-app that ties into existing systems. These apps make the best use of the incredible interface and performance of iPad, but you also get:

•  Improved productivity, as the app is made from scratch.
•  A faster more accessible alternative to traditional desktop software.
•  Easier information access.
•  A simple user experience.
•  The ability to update apps when needed.

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Apps developed for your organisation

Need to purchase apps for whole organisation? The Volume Purchase Programme can help...

Affordable and easy to admin. VPP lets you purchase and distribute apps from App Store. You can buy in bulk, distribute apps by third-party developers, and simplify distribution.

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