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Our Apple services and accreditations

Our recognised integration skills mean that we have the expertise to help you bring together Macs, PCs and iOS devices, or to work alongside your existing systems integrator to meet the needs of your IT strategy. We also have an in-house tech support team and engineers all over the country who provide everything from free helpdesk support to tailored SLAs and onsite support contracts. All our services, hardware and software are available through the G-Cloud 5 framework – take a look at our GovStore here.

Contact PublicSector@Jigsaw24.com or call to find out more.

Our portfolio

iPad consultancy We will work with you and your team to find ways to get the most from iPad, and help you explore how it will revolutionise your workflow. It's important that you get the most from the investment - we understand that costs need to be justified - and we'll help you get the most value possible.

Proof of concept We'll help you decide on the best way to implement Apple products, from MacBook Air to iPad. We can even set up a pilot scheme to highlight potential challenges so that any issues can be resolved before a wider rollout, and to ensure that you're happy that the final solution will integrate seamlessly into existing IT and processes.

App development If you want to get the most from iPad, the best solution is to develop a custom-made app that ties into your existing systems and your exact requirements. We can work with you to create an app that uses the iPad user experience and interface, and that fits perfectly with your organisation's branding. You get the benefit of: improved productivity because the app has been created for your exact needs; a faster and more accessible alternative to desktop software; easier access to information, including videos and documents; and the ability to update apps as required.

App management Need to monitor the apps being used by your staff? We can work with you to implement an app management solution, whether part of a mobile device management (MDM) tool or a standalone application, that lets you manage the apps on devices within your network, track usage and enforce restrictions.

App procurement and deployment We'll find the best option to procure devices. Regardless of whether that's devices bought by your organisation and rolled out to different teams, or an employee iPad scheme, where you contribute part of the cost and the employee pays the rest, we will make sure you get the best prices.

Integration We have helped lead the way in developing cross-platform environments in a range of organisations. As we're accredited by Apple, Microsoft, VMware and more, we'll help make the process of integrating Macs and iPad into your existing setup an easier one for your IT team - whether you want to run Apple hardware in a Windows environment or run a separate Apple environment alongside it.

Windows on a Mac/iPad Virtualisation can make the integration of Macs easier by letting you run Windows-only applications on Apple devices - both Mac and iPad. VMware and Citrix-accredited, we can help you deliver on-demand virtual desktops to your team, no matter where they are.

Security consultancy We know that security is a major factor for all public sector organisations. We can advise you on good policy and practice development in the deployment of cross-platform solutions to help you meet your security requirements and standards such as CoCo and CESG, while keeping you compliant. Even though Apple's operating system is one of the securest available, we don't hide behind that. We have network security experts, accredited by Cisco, who can advise on ways to make your organisation as secure as you need it to be.

Device management Don't panic. Just set up a VPN, get some MDM software from AirWatch or JAMF that lets you control who installs what where, and make sure your can remote wipe your devices. iOS 7 does this natively, but it's best to ensure your IT admin can do it via your Mobile Device Management solution too. Confused? Call us and we'll see you right.

Training It's not just about making sure your technology can deal with multiple platforms; it's also about making sure your employees can too, so that they understand the benefits that the technology will have on how they work, rather than seeing it as an obstruction. We provide tailored training that will help make the transition easier for your team. This can include: knowledge transfer training where we train your first line support staff on how to manage and deploy Mac and iPad, and PC to Mac switcher training where we work with your end users to look at both the current workflow and ways Mac will be used.

Support We know that downtime is simply not an option. From routine maintenance to dedicated SLAs, we'll ensure that your hardware is covered, should you run into any problems. And if you already have Apple experts in your IT team, we can even be on-hand to provide staff with additional hardware and software support.

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