• Full time Apple engineer

    What is it?

    This option sees a full time, fully-accredited team member (or as many as you need) join you onsite as part of your team to focus on your Apple environment and improve your user experience.

    A full time engineer can cost from £42,000 ex VAT per annum.

    What you get

    • Individual(s) embedded as part of your team.
    • Holiday and sickness cover provided if required.
    • A proper strategic Mac roadmap for your devices.

    What are the benefits?

    Having someone from Jigsaw24 embedded in your business full time means you always have someone on hand to turn to for Apple support and advice. There’s no need to call someone in, which can eliminate company downtime, and they also have the ability to flex to accommodate for any changes in demand from your users.

    "The news industry has undergone lots of change over that time and Jigsaw24 have been our trusted partner throughout. We have the reassurance that Jigsaw24 have real depth and strength in the Apple space and the skills we, a very dynamic media organisation, need."

    Chris Birch, Interim CIO, News UK

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  • Case Study: Comprehensive supply and support services at News UK
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