Getting started with your Nexus 7

Get your Nexus 7 Ready to Roll


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Need a hand getting your Nexus 7 set up?

You’ve come to the right place. Our video guides will take you through booting up your Nexus 7, adding email accounts, downloading your first app and more.

We’ve also cherry picked some resources from around the web, including Google’s own how-tos and recommendations for top apps from Google Play (apparently we’re not allowed to call it ‘Android iTunes’).

Go on, give them a spin...

Jason Thacker - Technical Services Engineer


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Getting started with your Nexus 7

Our guide to starting up, logging in and getting ready to use your Nexus 7.

Connecting to WiFi

Need to get on a WiFi network? Jason explains how to add a new network to your device.

Accessing NI and other apps

If you've never used Google Play before, take a look at our guide to downloading your first app.

Setting up your email account

How to sync Gmail and other email accounts to your Nexus 7.

What to do if it goes wrong

If your Nexus 7 starts misbehaving, here's who to call.

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If that hasn't solved the problem, don't worry. Our Nexus 7 customer support team will help you out or point you in the right direction. You can get hold of them on 03332 409 225, at

Become a Nexus know-it-all  Arrow

Tips, tricks, troubleshooting and recommendations from across the web, all in one neat list. Never say we do nothing for you.

iLife at Chamberlain

Straight from the Android’s mouth

Google’s own Nexus 7 support resources.

Emap offices

You’re not a number, you’re a free man

Take a look at CNET’s guide to customising your Nexus 7.

Mac Pro server at News International

Hey good lookin’

Top apps optimised for your Nexus 7’s 7-inch screen.

iLife at Chamberlain

Let’s go inside...

Secretly a technical geek? Get your circuitry fix with this look under the hood of the Nexus 7.