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Music Technology Suite
at New College Nottingham

New College Nottingham wanted to install an innovative Music Technology suite at their Nottingham Clarendon campus. The teaching room had access to a live recording area, and head MT technician Andy Oakley wanted to see if it might be possible for a whole class of students to independently and simultaneously record live musicians on multiple workstations. After some research and some lateral thinking, the new facility was installed using Digidesign rack interfaces, Apple PowerMacs and several drums of cable. We caught up with Andy recently to see how the suite has been working for him.

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Why did they come to us?
NCN’s music faculty wanted to create an innovative recording and mixing environment, and got in touch with us as they new our reputation for being willing to experiment with the latest technologies.

What did they need?
An innovative studio setup that would allow multiple students to record a live act at the same time, but completely independently of one another.

How did we help?
We worked with NCN to design and install a custom system that would let 16 student workstations receive identical signals from the live room. We also provided a range of high end software, including Pro Tools, Logic and Waves plug-ins.

What were the benefits?
Students now get hands-on experience with industry-standard hardware and software and, because they’re not having to take turns or share roles, they’re getting far more practical experience than they did with the old system and are progressing faster as a result.

“I went straight to Jigsaw24 for that one, because I knew that the other music suppliers would have no idea what I was trying to do. Your guys are always open to trying exciting new ways to use the technology, and I’m really excited by what we’ve come up with.”
“The actual experience we’re able to give the students is perfect. They’re getting 5 or 6 times the amount of hands-on experience now, and progressing faster as a result.”

Andy Oakley, Head MT Technician, NCN Clarendon.

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