• Content management

    Once you’ve created the content, you need an efficient way to manage and monetise it – especially if you’re being asked to deliver to multiple platforms. If you can’t get to your assets quickly, you’re never going to be able to get the most value out of them, so our solutions are designed to ensure your assets remain accessible and useful.

    What does it matter?

    With the number of formats, platforms and devices you’re supposed to create content for increasing exponentially, it’s vital that everyone in your team can find, share and repurpose assets effectively, without creating a version control nightmare or costing you a fortune in expensive storage.

    What can we do?

    • Digital asset management.
    • Hosted and managed backup.
    • Shared storage and archiving.
    • Render farms and local rendering.
    • Film restoration.
    • Hierarchical storage management.
    • Emergency drives, cables and loan kit available from our Soho centre.

    What are the benefits?

    • Longer lifecycle for your assets.
    • Easier to find and reuse existing content.
    • Monetise content more efficiently.

    “Jigsaw24’s ongoing consultancy and support continues to help us design the solutions we need to turn in projects on time, on budget and to the standard our clients expect.”


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