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Our Mac whitepapers

The total cost of ownership (TCO) of a Mac desktop or notebook

The perception of Mac computers is that they’re more expensive than their PC counterparts. But when you take into account usable life, residual value, lower support costs and free software and OS updates, does this theory still hold water? IBM’s latest figures (and our own research) suggest not.

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Mac management

Mac management should be a simple process with lots of long-term benefits. But if there are gaps in your IT team’s skillset, you could find it more complicated than it needs to be. If you’re operating without the correct tools, the manual process of deploying and managing Macs is probably placing unnecessarily high demand on company resources.

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Moving office:
a guide for IT teams

Moving offices (or even just relocating a large proportion of staff in one office) can be a stressful, complicated business. We take a look at the particular challenges posed by moving a mixed platform workforce, the tools available to ease the transition, and recommended practice for consolidating offices.

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The total cost of ownership (TCO) of a Mac desktop or notebook

Mac management

Moving office: a guide for IT teams

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Jigsaw24 Apple Authorised Reseller

A leading IT integration and support specialist

Nothing has ever been too much trouble for Jigsaw24, as demonstrated by their support when we moved to our new offices, rolling out over 1200 new Mac computers. Jigsaw24 dealt with the challenge smoothly and painlessly, and I would very much recommend them.

The Guardian

When we deal with Jigsaw24 it’s a very proactive, very friendly, very innovative engagement every time – lots of different ideas, lots of different approaches as to how we can do things. I can’t praise the organisation enough. Everybody at Phoenix IT unanimously has a great story to tell about what happened when they worked with Jigsaw24.

Phoenix IT
Tim Bodill

We needed a company that had a depth of knowledge of Apple, was used to dealing with a mixed environment and publishing environments, and was a very strong cultural fit with not only us, but also with the employees from existing support organisations that would be brought across into this new arrangement.

Andy Cobb Director of IT Support

Jigsaw24 are always ready to support when we’re in need, very versatile in the range of products/services they offer, and at very competitive prices. We have a great relationship, all our maintenance for our SAN is done by them, their tech support is fantastic and I would greatly recommend them.

News UK
Chris Taylor Director of Enterprise Technologies

From helping us cost and spec our requirements to the final delivery, Jigsaw24 went above and beyond the call of duty. Highly knowledgeable about both hardware and software, they were able to advise clearly and honestly, and we always felt they understood our needs and reacted as such.

Crystal CG
Ed Cookson Director

Jigsaw24’s service, approach and costs met everything that we were looking for. We value their support and they massively benefit our business.

Drummond Central
Marcello Fulgenzi Studio Manager

The real eye-opener was how good Jigsaw24's technical sales staff and consultants were, and their engineers were nothing short of exceptional.


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