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  • Fully managed iOS devices

    What is it?

    Our managed iOS device service is designed to take complete care of any iPad, iPhone or iPod touch deployments in your organisation. You tell us how you want them configured, which applications you want and what level of support and warranty you need, and our Apple-accredited team deliver it straight to your staff, so all they have to do is press the start button. We'll even provide a dedicated asset tracking app, and training videos and reference docs for your end users.

    What does it help?

    • Save time and money by handing your iOS devices straight to the experts – no need to retrain or re-hire your team.
    • Improved security, as all your devices have the correct policies applied from the first time they’re turned on.
    • Simpler budgeting, as monthly billing allows you to reclassify capital expenditures as operating expenses.
    • End users see no difference in service levels for devices on different platforms.
    • Enables auto-enrollment into the Apple DEP programme.

    What can we do?

    Our managed iOS device service is modular, and can be packaged to fit your business' specific requirements. Elements you can opt for include:

    • Renting, leasing or buying devices and accessories.
    • Pre-staging and configuration of devices, followed by enrolment into DEP and your choice of MDM solution.
    • MDM as a hosted, managed service (we can also advise on the best solution for your team to manage in-house).
    • Extended warranties and support contracts, including a managed repair service.
    • Training for end users and first line technicians, or a Tech Bar to answer staff questions as they arrive (larger rollouts only).

    What are the benefits?

    • Industry-leading Apple support with a single point of contact.
    • One supplier for your hardware, software and support – no need to juggle multiple vendors.
    • Simple monthly budgeting.
    • No need to retrain or hire staff.
    • A flexible support team whose role can change as your business grows.
    • Positive rollout and startup experience, encouraging more widespread device adoption by end users.
    • Built in asset tracking app to monitor devices.
    • Bespoke training materials for end users, ensuring a smoother rollout.

    iPad in warehouse

    “We see Jigsaw24 as our IT strategy director. They’re very responsive to our needs in terms of designing a system that works for us.”

    Dan Wright,
    COO, NorthEdge Capital.

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